Interview with Sydney Fat Loss Personal Trainer

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I recently did an interview for Dan on his site – Dan is a top guy, highly motivated, speaks his mind and gets results with his clients. Here are some of this tips;
Q. Hey Dan! Tell us a bit about your training, and the styles you use with people?
My training is a lot different to a lot of other trainers that I see around here in Sydney. I hate the trainer who yells at their clients and dresses in camo gear. I figure people are smarter than that and if they want to get yelled at by people in camo gear they’ll join the army. (My thoughts on certain “bootcamps in the UK” – Mark!)
The training method I use I have coined the Aussie Fatblast method
Basically it’s short sharp training sessions that take 30 minutes. I train “time poor” people so if I can take away the “I can’t spend an hour training” excuse right from the start, then I’m half way there to getting inside their head.
We do a lot of bodyweight workouts, resistance circuits and also a lot of boxing circuits. These are really effective for leaning people down.
Q. What is the biggest/most common problem people have when they come to you looking for weight loss, and how do you go about correcting this?
The biggest thing I find is that people are following a “broken” method of trying to lose weight. They are eating low fat foods, they go for an hour run on the treadmill and they are eating so-called healthy breakfast cereal and multigrain bread and wonder why they’re not getting anywhere.
It takes them a while for them to actually “get” what I’m saying but once they forget about all their old beliefs and realise that there is a smarter way to do this the results they get is amazing. I love seeing a person who is a bit sceptical at first get the great results!
Q. Breakfast seems to be a big problem with most people (and what they currently eat) what are some of your favourite recommendations?
This is where most people get it wrong. They believe what we see on tv or on a cereal box about breakfast cereals being healthy because they have this vitamin and protein etc etc. And we’re told this by certain space cadet nutritionists so it’s not their fault. (See my post on cereals! – Mark)
But when they try something like I recommend it works wonders.
My fave breaky is rice porridge –  it’s great for training days. For people who want to lose fat you can’t go past a good omelette to start the day. Eggs for the protein and veggies for the nutrients. You can’t get much more natural than that for a food choice to start your day.
Q. Can you give us 3 foods people should be limiting/cutting out their diet, and 3 they should be including and why?
1) Bread –  it’s not the health food misinformed people would have you believe. My clients are amazed how quick they can actually lose their bloated belly once they get rid of this poison from their diet (Yup – one of my main “remove” foods” Mark)
2) Anything with the word diet, light or no fat in it because if it’s been artificially altered it doesn’t follow my eat clean stay lean theory.
3) Breakfast cereals – most sane people wouldn’t give their kids chocolate and lollies for breakfast so I can’t understand why they’d want to give their kids this rubbish either. The effects of both on the body are the same.
1) More fruit and veggies than you are now. I’ve never known anyone to get fat from eating too many of these
2) Nuts – these won’t make you fat and are a great snack that are high in protein and contain good fats.
3) It’s not really a food but water. Whenever I do a food diary review most people fall way short in this category. Your body can’t function properly if it’s not hydrated.
Q.If someone was planning to lose weight (with New Year resolutions approaching!) what would you suggest as your Top 5 tips for starting out, and maintaining a plan/focus?
1. forget everything you thought you knew ? chances are there’s a smarter way to do it
2. surround yourself with an expert who gets results. Pay for their services. Don’t just make the mistake of saying yeah I can do it cause they’ll be able to get you there quicker.
3. write your goal down –  whether it’s buying a new pair of skinny jeans or being able to walk along the beach with your shirt off if
you’re a guy. And revisit it daily don’ t just write it down once and forget about it.
4. keep a food diary. Yes, it may be a pain to do but it works for a reason.
5. stop talking about it and just make it happen and do it!
Q. Being on the sunnier side of the planet, do you think the warmer climate makes Aussies exercise more/pay attention more to their diet as you’re obviously wearing less clothes than us England and showing off more body!??!
You’d like to think so but it’s only true with a certain amount of the population. And the funny thing is if you’re around the beach side
suburbs you’d have to say yes that point is true but out in the suburbs it’s the opposite. Less fit and healthy people and more people
chowing down on fast food every meal.
Q. Is there an obesity/health problem in Australia/Sydney?
Definitely mate-  this is just as real here is at is anywhere in the western world and it’s sad really.
We’ve got a great reputation as being good at sports and an active culture but too many people these days just aren’t doing any activity whatsoever.
It’s a bit of a sad state of affairs when someone gets puffed walking up a set of stairs at the train station each morning but that’s the
reality that needs to be changed.
Great words from and experienced PT. Guy’s if you want to shape up, increase your energy, and feel better, lifestyle changes, along with food changes and some exercise are a must. Build it into your routine and before you know it results will be coming! Click here to check my online books that can help you achieve this!

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