It’s all in the planning!

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How many times have you heard the phrase “Fail to plan, plan to fail” ?!


All very true I’m afraid.


If you’re not planning things, you’re leaving it to chance, to hope and luck. It’s very similar to goal setting of taking action. If you’ve got ideas in your head, that’s great – but if they stay there, that’s all it is, “ideas” Once you write them down, they are not only now a plan, but they are one less thing running round your mind like a washing machine cycle, and in turn, whether you realise or not, but one less stressor as it’s something you’re now not subconsciously thinking about.


An idea in the head is a dream – written down is an action plan………. get writing things down!



Also without a plan, you really are just “hoping” to achieve something.

Let me give you an example which I’m sure you’ve all done similar with;


This weekend we’re on a trip to France – my parents are taking our 2 girls (long time promise!) to EuroDisney, while myself and the wife travel to the champagne region for some research!

Now, we could play the journey by ear, pack some stuff, climb aboard and take a map with us, but I reckon this could result in a fair bit of stress, a lot of pulling into a layby and puzzled/stressful map reading, and we’d probably not get a lot done.

— But what we’ve done over the last week is research Eurodisney (despite not going there ourselves) to find the better attractions for our girls, and got some tips on things to do etc, this will help their experience and my parents with their planning.

— We’ve also got GPS co-ordinates for the hotels we’re going to, and they’re ready to be entered.

— We’ve pre-booked some champagne tours so we now when and where we’re going

— We’ve looked on TripAdvisor for restaurants for the evening.


By doing this pre planning, we’re setting minds at ease, making (hopefully!) the trip a lot less stressful, and taking away a lot of the uncertainty.


I often say, “If you can do something today, that will save you time in the near future……. DO IT!” it’s all about making things easier for yourself, taking away temptations, the possibility of error or mistakes, and having something to follow.


Get yourself a small notebook, use an APP on your phone and get logging things down, not just is it about the planning, but as mentioned, less stress, and less “mind fuzz” of the previous two and the ideas running through your head on a daily basis!


Help yourself!

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