It’s NOT about resolutions

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Resolutions suck as you could change ANYTHING whenever you want!

Try these instead

1) Write a list of things that ARE working for you, then a list of things which aren’t.
There WILL be things happening on a daily and weekly basis.
Do more of the first. Pick one of the second – decide what will be a better outcome, then plan steps to make this happen, but they key is start with SMALL steps to change and implement – you’ve done big steps before, and are you still doing them?! Exactly.

2) Plan your meals for the week. If you don’t plan, your acting reactively, and lowering it’s priority. Low priorities rarely get done.

3) Workouts don’t have to be weights and cardio. End of the day it’s movement. Movement of our bodies, using as many joints/limbs as possible.
If this means 5 pressups, 5 squat and run on the spot for 5 seconds twice a day, everyday – that’s a LOT more movement over a month than you might previously have done.
Change your mindset towards movement and away from ‘workouts’.

4) Minimise comparison. Whether it’s personally or professionally. There’s a reason we are all different to each other, and it’s those individualities which MAKE people. Highlight, improve, and promote your own.

5) What can you get ready/plan the night before, to help out the next day?

6) What can the kids start helping out, or doing more of?! They adapt to routine quicker than us – discuss and agree on something that will help you or them often/daily and implement.

7) Reduce your stress. The majority of our stressors are self-made. Lack of planning or prep, lack of clarity, ‘futuristic thinking’, poor time management, doing things which aren’t important etc

8) Make a smile the first thing you give to everyone you come into contact with – First impressions last remember!

9) Want to do or change something? What’s stopping you? Your own limiting beliefs will be high up on that list, shortly followed by lack of balls, lack of action steps and lack of deletion – any of those you CAN’T change?!!?

10) Having a goal/target can seem daunting and a long way off – this is why we rarely achieve some – they appear too far away. Break it down. If it’s a 6month goal, what would you need/like to have done end of each month? What would you need to do each week and day to achieve the monthly target? Chunk things off, to help how you think and act around it.

11) Sleep well – brain dump everything on your mind to a piece of paper before bed, and wind-down 20mins before bed, slow down, breathe and relax.

12) Stop thinking ‘everything needs to be done’. Emails and ‘crap’ in an evening – a todo list with more than 5 things on regularly. Calling it a “ToDo” list automatically prioritises it as something you need to do in a day. How many of the things on your list do you REALLY need to do each day?
Make it an ‘essential list’ have a max of 4 things and prioritise these each morning.

13) Take time out in the day to ‘slow down’ -heard of being mindful? Stop, slow down and be ‘aware’ of what’s going on around you, what you’re doing/trying to do, and how you’ll do it. If you say “I don’t have time” – then it’s something you need to do more often!

14) Don’t eat breakfast regularly?
Start! Start small as chances are your stomach and brain has gotten used to this and you’ll need to ‘coax’ it in. Blood sugar levels are low first thing, and keeping food at bay will reduce further along with energy levels.

15) End of each day write down in a diary or phone something that went WELL or a lesson you learnt for the day – reflect on these each weekend and you’ll have a self esteem boost, confirmation of things you’v done well and noted/learnt from, and a reminder you’re taking the right steps.

16) Doing things by yourself are tough, and likely won’t last long. Share successes, steps and intentions with friends or post them in my group — the animals that survive the longest in the wild are those that move in a tribe/groups ….. there’s a reason for that!

17) Minimise the use of the word “But….” -another limiting belief. “I’d like to do xxxx, BUT ……” if you want to, do it! Another case of being mindful, and slowing down first!

18) Want to do something you haven’t done before?
Then you might need to DO something you haven’t done before – an investment in yourself, steps you haven’t taken before, experience a bit of resistance or discomfort you haven’t before.
There’s always reasons WHY you haven’t done something before, and therefore, situations and feelings will equally be ones you haven’t had or done before.

19) Don’t expect a “New Year” or “New Resolutions” to workout or be different to how they’ve been previously! If you’re not changing steps mentioned above, then why should it be? Nothing magical happens in January, that can’t happen in the other 11 months of the year!

20) Quit moaning or talking in a negative way around things that aren’t happening or working for you.
They don’t work or happening often for other people via magic. Plans, Actions, Positive Thoughts and self-talk along with repetition will start to change YOU!

21) “Out of sight is always out of mind” – if you feel any of the above are relevant and could help you – type it, print it stick it up and read it often. If you don’t, how many things do you do each day? Think you’ll remember DAILY what’s important to you?

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