It’s not ALL about the calories!

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Ever heard the phrase “I hate so-and-so, they can eat what they like and not put on weight! I only need to look at a cake and can put on a few pounds!”


That right there sums up why calories are NOT the main reason people gain or lose weight.


What is it then?!


Yep, we have many hormones in our bodies that do different things – some even offset or unbalance others.

But there are 2 main hormones that need to be controlled for regular energy and fat loss and thats Insulin and Glucagon. I’ll be posting an article soon on these and how you do this, but for now take on board that first sentence and stop counting calories!!!

Focus on less man made, packaged, processed, sugar foods, and eat more protein (meats, eggs, fish) and more fibrous vegetables (greener the better), salads, and natural foods that look like they should.


What I will say is that those who have lost a reasonable amount of weight 2 stone + need to be A LOT more careful consuming processed foods, sugars and alcohol than most others. The reason being, you’ve lost a good deal of fat (well done!) but you don’t lose the fat cells, they are still there in your body, just empty. This means they are there ready to suck up those empty, damaging “foods”, getting them out of the bloodstream and somewhere “safe”. So that could definitely be your “I only need to look at a cake to put on weights” ……..keep strong, keep eating clean, keep exercising hard!

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