It’s not how you fall, it’s how you rise!

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Everyone falls at some point.

Physically, mentally – it will always happen. If you don’t it means your not trying or actually doing anything worthwhile!


Some have missed some workouts.


Some are having family/social problems.


Some lack motivation


Some feel like the world is against them


But remember, whatever happens, happens. Things happen for a reason, and I’m a firm believer in your past (and present) sculpting you and your future.

It’s not so much the problem itself, it’s how you deal with it and how you MOVE ON.


If you continually worry about everything that happens, and how to deal with it, you’ll burn out (energy wise), you’ll become a stress head (which will affect cortisol levels, and in turn your immune system and be prone to additional tummy fat storage!), and everything will become a dark tunnel without a light at the end of it.


I know I’ve been there a few times!


There is something called the “law of attraction” whereby what you think/believe, you attract. If you are continually upbeat and happy this is what you draw to yourself. Continutally believe and act in a successful manner, this is what you’ll draw to yourself.

However, continually dwell on the weather, pending illness, despair etc, you’ll attract like minded people and feelings.


I know which way I move…… ?!!



Unless it’s something serious – make the decision to get up, dust off and move on.  A few sweets, crisps, drinks etc is not going to set the marker for the next few weeks of effort, training and healthy eating!


If it is more serious than the above, evaluate the situation, get a plan in action for the short term and roll with this. The quicker you get back into a positive attitude and mindset, the quicker other pieces of the puzzle will fall into place and give you a path to follow.




It’s not how you get knocked down, it’s how you get up.

Chinese proverb – “Get knocked down 6 times, Stand up 7”

In Chinese – the word “Crisis” is composed of 2 characters, 1 means “Danger” the 2nd means “Opportunity”


Ready? Let’s go…….!

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