It’s not the snake bite, but the venom!

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I bloody hate snakes!


There’s not many things I dislike, but they instantly make the hairs on my arms stand up.

We saw a 2 foot adder on a dog walk at the local common last year, I went ice cold!


Anyhow, what’s that got to do with health and fitness?!

Lemme explain………..


One of the biggest causes of poor health is stress.

Especially if the body is bombarded with stressors/stressful situations regularly.


The thing is though…….


it’s not the stressful situation that actually does the damage;


It’s how we react or “take on board” the situation.


Just as the world’s deadliest snake isn’t actually a danger to me or anyone if I came across it

It’s the venom in the bite that causes the damage.


How you or me choose to react to a stressful situation or comment,

determines our reactions and stress (cortisol) release in the body.


Too much stress;

Drains Vitamin C in your body (damages your immune system, causing illness)

Raises cortisol (promotes storage around the stomach area) which can affect Thyroid conversion, affecting fat loss and energy levels

Will reduce Serotonin levels – a feel good hormone

Can cause Insulin Resistance, making fat loss hard

Fatigues your adrenal glands (responsible for producing adrenaline) results in a flu-like tiredness which can last weeks…….it’s not nice, I’ve experienced it before, when I didn’t appreciate the affects of stress (self-work inflicted!) or how to reduce the symptoms before they occur.


I appreciate it’s impossible to remove all stressors in life, and to a degree some stress is good, it releases adrenaline and keeps us alert,


but the more stressors you have, the less positively you will function.


So next time you’re about to “react” to a situation or comment, breathe,

and think if you can read in a more relaxed/structured way, or even don’t react at all.

Don’t worry about being near snakes………………worry when you’ve been bitten!


After all some things are best ignored 🙂

I teach stress managemnent as well as fat loss, health and fitness improvement via the 21 day Look Great Feel Great plan here

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