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When you feel FEARful and are going round in circles

When we’re faced with a new challenge or dilemma,
it’s only natural for our brains to create a bit
of worry and apprehension.

You see, our brains #1 role,
is to keep us safe.

Our senses are continually scanning
every environment we move into and
asks this question “How do I feel?”

Think about the last time you went into;
– A meeting and there were “head honchos” there
– A party and you knew nobody there
– A pub or bar looking for friends that’s a bit rowdy
– A gym or workplace for the first time.

Our brain gets feedback as emotions and feelings,
the same happens when you read or hear things
too – you get emotional feedback
which dictates your thoughts,
and in turn affects your actions or lack of.

So, when you have a new situation,
challenge or task, to deal with,
it makes you uncomfortable, because it’s new,
and it challenges your brain.

Your brain feels safe with routine and habit,
because it’s safe….. it doesn’t cause you concern.

But there’s something new come along.

Something that can challenge this routine.

Your emotional brain straight away starts trying
to predict the future.
What might happen.
What could happen.
What If…….
How do I…….

It also starts to access past happenings,
stored away in another section of your brain,
trying to piece together some kind of “prediction”

Some kind of
‘past story’, to give some clarity and outcome to this new dilemma.

Basically, it often makes up a BS Story.
And in turn, this often results in Fear and Apprehension.

<< Think of the last time you had a new challenge, task or situation and how you felt?! >>

Fear and Apprehension towards taking action.
Towards doing something.
Writing something.
Asking something.
Speaking to someone.

Most of all starting something.

This is what happens when we drop out of our
logical brain – we can’t provide “logical clarity”
to the situation, and we move into our Threat or Emotional Brain.

The key here is to ask yourself,
physically write down;
– What do I KNOW?
– Who do I need to contact/Who could advise me?
– What NEEDS to happen?
– What is my first step here?

(Often working backwards can be beneficial – picture yourself at the end goal, then words backwards noting down the steps to get there)

Because if you just sit with the “task”,
and let it run over in your emotional brain,
it will become a FEAR – rather than the new challenge that it actually is.

Hope this helps now, or next time
you’re faced with a new challenge!

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