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I’ve commented about this before on Facebook, and it does baffle me.

I see people out running the streets, with many wearing “tubey grip” knee “supports”.

I really want to pull over and ask – “Why?!”

The obvious answer is they have knee pain.

Well, if it hurts to run, you either need to stop running, or you also need to get it looked at. Pain is your bodies way of communicating with you that something isn’t right and is causing a problem! Don’t ignore it!

Those that say, “Oh it’s ok if don’t run more than 3 miles”……really??!!

What that is saying is ” I’ve got biomechanical/muscle imabalance issue that is actually there all the time, is getting worse, but my body can just about tolerate it for so long, then is causes pain.” so….it’s not all fine and dandy for 3 miles….the problem is still there!

How much support do you think a flimsy knee support is actually giving to a knee joint that is not only carrying your body weight, but being multiplied by about 4 times, with every running step?

Nothing that’s what – it’s useless!

If you get pain from doing something, preferably get it seen by someone who can assess and diagnose it, or move away from what is causing the pain – persistence will results in further injuries – it won’t make it better!

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