Know your limits? – There are NO Limits!

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One of my subscribers to my bootcamp newsletter, recently unsubscribed, and left a comment of, “Impressive results, but I know my limits”. Nothing against this person, but that attitude stinks!! – They should read the previous post on PMA!

Now. Yes, our bootcamps are tough and challenging. If they weren’t nobody would get results!

But, what “gets me” more than that, is that someone has set themselves a level. A boundary. A line they won’t, or don’t think they can cross.

Let me state – “If you never, or rarely get out of your comfort zone, you will never progress, get better, or improve yourself.”

Think for a second, you will be doing the same things for the rest of your life!

Children have “no limits”…granted, sometimes they don’t have the “common sense” (!) but they have no fears or restrictions, this is key to them building confidence, finding out about themselves, achieving and progressing. It’s only as we become older and start to doubt our abilities to try or achieve something, or friends and families telling you “Oh, you won’t be able to do that” that such inhibitions creep in.

Decide on something you want to change or improve today – your weight, your job, your life! – and start making steps to change it.

List what you want to achieve, what you may need to do if you are going achieve this, and start putting an “action” on those points.

“It’s better to have tried and failed, gaining experience on the way, then to not have tried at all”

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