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Those that follow me on twitter or on here may know I’ve decided to get back into Duathlons this Autumn/Winter after a 6 years break from them!!


In actual fact, I hadn’t ridden my bike, or run anything past about 1.5miles before April this year in quite a while.

I knew starting again, as with anything you haven’t done regularly was going to be tough, but once I’d booked my first bike event and some duathlons for later this year, I soon found my mojo again, and the desire to train.


The biking hurt, but is now comfortable……the running, hmmmm…. 3 and a bit weeks into running training and it’s a bloody lung burner!!


I started off the first week with some 2mile runs which I could do comfortably,  3 times a week at a steady pace, and all was well and good.

Second week I brought in a faster 5k, (not bad at 22:30), some intervals of 15mins running, 2 mins walking x 3, a couple of times to get the distance under the belt, Third week I did 20mins and 2 mins walking x 3, a 4.5mile run and an easy 2.5miler, and at the weekend I pushed a full 10k at a steady pace (happy with 47mins for first attempt…….want this down to early 40;s) and a 5k (20:42….would like this sub 20) …… not bad for just 3 and a bit weeks of running!


The key is to start steady, occasionally increase the pace for short runs.

Pop in the occasional run where you are out for longer, like the 10mins run, 2 mins walk x3-4, gradually increasing the time you run for by 3mins each week. Then pop in a 3rd gentle run a week where you look to push your distance in one go. These 3 formats with the odd set of hill sprints and core work will get your running up from not a lot, to a decent distance/pace.

Today I decided to do some 400metre intervals. All I needed was my local park (already used my Garmin, and new a whole lap was conveniently 400m!) and a gentle warmup run up there!

So I basically ran a circuit (400m) at about 90-95% max effort, and then walked until my heart rate reached about 110bpm, and I could (roughly!) match the pace again…..for me this equated to about a 1min 40rest.

Typically for our Summer, it pi$$ed it down on lap 3…….I managed 5 rounds of 400m, with lap times of ;

1:33 (about 75%)





Now, I have nothing to compare this with as I hadn’t recorded times before, and it doesn’t bother me if this is slow…………I now have my OWN marker to work against next time.


Similar intervals are great because you work at near max speed for a short enough period, recover, and go again, which will increase your overall running pace when going longer, but will also increase your lactate threshold, or the period/heart rate at which you start to accumulate lactic acid…….the time when things start to burn and you slow down or stop!


Anyhow, job done for today, time to eat, rest and recover.


Tomorrow is a bike ride, followed by a run, my first “brick” session, which gets the legs used to running after sitting and working the pedals………..those that have never done this, it’s a lot harder than it sounds!


Train hard, train with a purpose 🙂

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