Less IS more

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Considered Less is More?

I’ve talked before about the “shiny object” syndrome we fall into when things aren’t going to plan;

– looking for the next nutrition or workout plan, supplement or ‘infoGuru’ that is going to make that magical change for you.

– doing or looking for more things to add into daily life, as surely more options bring more possibilities/results?

– working out more often as surely that’s better for calorie burn and changing he body quicker?

– taking more on as being busy is great, a sign of importance or achievement?

– keeping busy, drinking a little more, not staying still as a “mask” to something that isn’t working for you?

Yet none of the above is getting you where you want to?
None of the above is making you enlightened, more energised, or delivering happiness?


Then why not SLOW things down, start doing less, start back at the beginning.


** WHY are you doing what you do?

** WHAT are you REALLY trying to change, improve or achieve?

** WHAT Is the best way to go about this, both time and energy wise?

** WHEN will you know you’ve reached or achieved what you’re after?

** WHO could you speak to or get help from, to speed up this process, and reduce stress, frustrations and time?

All worth a thought, as staying or doing the same things which aren’t working ISN’T the way forward, right? …………. ????



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