Lose weight fast – the wrong way!

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One of my bootcampers gave me a cutting from a daily newspaper last week, with an article on the jockey Tony McCoy.

As successful a rider as he is, his training plan and diet is shocking! So much so I had to post it up! It obviously works for him, but health wise it is appalling!

Here we go;

“At around 5’10” McCoy is relatively large for a jockey, and usually walking around at 12st, he has to drop around 2stones of this for race day.

3 nights a week he will go to bed without any dinner. If he is not out on the horse, he will be in the bath, sweating out excess substance, or pounding the treadmill (though no more than 30minutes at a time, otherwise he will build up muscle.)

McCoy reckons he can lose up to 10lb in a day if he sets his mind to it. I’ll have a cup of tea in the morning, and that’ll be it for the morning”.

“Diet of Champions”

Breakfast – A slice of toast (unbuttered), ice cubes to suck while having an early bath

Lunch – 2 jelly babies, or a stick of kitkat, or 2 sugar cubes to suck. Small slice of chicken optional.

Dinner – Steamed fish, or chicken with steamed vegetables

Drinks – mugs of tea with sugar with each meal and before bed

NOTE: Dinner is only served 4 times a week to keep weight down.

Oh…….my……..god…!!! I really don’t know where to start on this.

Actually I do.

I love the treadmill bit. “No more than 30mins as it’ll will build muscle after that” – That’s the biggest crock of crap I’ve heard in a while! That’s right, because all those people you see out running are muscle bound freaks aren’t they?! And why exactly will you’re body start creating muscle after 30mins of running?!! I’ve been going wrong all these years, getting Personal Training results, when I could have just got people running for over 30mins on the treadmill!! I do hope this was a journalist comment and not his! Still, another bit of proof why you should never trust magazines and papers for fitness information!

The “diet plan” well, it’s just beyond words really. There are much healthier ways to lose weight rather than resorting to starvation, and sugar hits. Again, I’m presuming this is something he does himself, as opposed to having a trainer assist him with his training/goals.

Comments please people…….. some things are just stupid, and I just can’t write anymore on this……….!!

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