More ways to improve sleep

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Following last 2 posts here’s another 4 tips for better sleep,

Final ones tomorrow!



1. Valerian Tea
sounds like something out of Game of Thrones, but you can buy this tea in most supermarkets.
Valerian root has a sedative effect on the brain to benefit relaxation and sleep, because of this be wary if you take any anti-depressant medication.
Can taste bitter so a squeeze of lemon or lime might help.
2. Routine
I’ve talked a lot before around the benefits of routine, and you’ll likely agree that when you’re ‘in them’ things often happen easier, and stress levels are lower.
Look to have a bedtime routine most of the time, especially the time you go. The more consistent and regular the routine, the more your body adjusts … common sense but true!
3. Fluid intake
Yup we should all be staying hydrated with around 1.5 litres way a day, but look to reduce the amount you might have from 8pm onwards – limiting evening drinking will reduce the night time ‘pee breaks’ and water all, we want deep, uninterrupted sleep.
4. Fiction
Try reading a fiction based book for round 15mins when in bed.
I’ve talked about a few reasons to slow the brain down prior to bed,
but reading fiction uses a different section of the brain than ‘work or social media’ focus, which requires more attention and processing skills. Fiction is almost ‘throwaway’ to the brain after initial attention

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