More ways to sleep better

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Here we go, last 4 – giving you 20 this week

1. Sail away
OK, a tropical beach would do it, but I mean the mind. We ALL appreciate an overactive mind is not what we want before bed, so try some guided or unguided meditations on youtube, and plug your headphones in. Just search 3minute (un)guided meditation , or however long you want close your eyes, breath and be swallowed up by the sounds to relax. Here’s a favourite of mine –

2. Exercise
Exercise raises endorphins our feel good hormones, alongside adrenaline for alertness. So whilst evening exercise might not benefit sleep, and in some cases can affect it, exercising during the day helps regulate our hormones and can improve sleep – if workouts are erratic or not existent, find something that elevates your heart rate from a run/walk to boxing, to a class and start steady to benefit your body and sleep

3. 5-HTP
Nope, not a robot from Star Wars!
5-HTP works in the brain and central nervous system by increasing the production of the chemical serotonin, which helps us to relax. Look to consume around 100-200mg before bed, though be wary if you take anti-depressant drugs as it can cause ‘cross-overs’

4. Watch your pillows.
How many do you use? Some use 2 …. not good – this can affect your neck/spinal posture and muscles which can affect nerves firing to the brain. Ideally you should be sleeping in a position you ‘stand in’ so head and spine aligned. So therefore too high, or too marshmallow like isn’t great. Pop to a chiropractor who may be able to recommend one.
After a spell of neck issues, I got one from my chiro that looks like a brick – initially thought it was going to be the most uncomfortable thing ever …….. but now can’t sleep properly without it!

Value your sleep …… you’re asleep half your life – should give you clues as to it’s importance ……. hope they help

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