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Today I did a Sunday morning workout, and was more interested in getting it finished, so I could try my trial sachet of MyProtein’s latest Isolate protein…. Whey Isolate Zest.

So the workout?

I picked 5 exercises, the last being a kettlebell swing on each group. Did 10 reps of each exercise and 20 on the swings.

3 groups of Exercises, and did 5 mins of each round. Therefore was done and dusted in 15mins, followed by a short 2 mile run in the mid-day heat!

I got back, got the cold water out the fridge and prepare my PWO shake! So whats the difference in their latest whey? Well, this one is fruit flavoured! Whereas, most protein flavours are the standard choc, strawwberry etc etc, their latest range is fruit flavour based, and certainly hits the spot!

Refreshing is the word!

Being an isolate, it is filtered better giving your better protein absorbtion -also means it’s more tolerable to those of us that are lactose intolerant. Normally I stick with their Pea Protein shake which still isn’t the most flavoursome drink!

It’s a welcome change from the standard flavours and when you’re looking to re-hydrate a fruit flavouring is more than welcome….sweet but not too sweet was the blackcurrant one I had…will look forward to more!

In my shake – Whey Isolate Zest, Glutamine, Glycine, Taurine.

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