October Challenge workout

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This months workout (which you can do daily!) is bodyweight based, so you need zero equipment and just 4mins of time.

Note: If you don’t workout often, consult your doctor, I’m not responsible for any injuries etc that may occur during this workout.

Fluff done…..


Set a watch/timer for 20secs

You will perform overhead star jumps  for 20secs

Rest for 10secs

Perform Pressups for 20secs

Rest for 10 secs

This is 1 round……you will do 4 rounds, so a total of 4mins, including the alternating 10secs rest.


If you want an extra challenge, you can count how many reps of each you do, write it down quickly during the 10secs rest, and total them up at the end……next time beat it!



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