Out of your comfort zone to progress!

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On Saturday myself and Stuart Amory hosted the first of our “Gym Free” Fitness Workshops.

We covered everything, bodyweight training, goal setting, mindsets, kettlebell training and nutrition – the whole package.

The aim was not only to give people a complete toolbox of information to get results with, but to show it’s not just about training, it’s not just about eating right, it’s a complete lifestyle package if you want sustainable results.

Each one of those attending got “out of their” comfort zones, not just physically with the workouts, or mentally with the information, but personally as well as we discussed their goals and targets and how they WILL achieve them.

If you don’t step out of the zone, you won’t progress…….it makes sense…..you’ll continue doing what you always did.

This isn’t just working out…..it’s true in life.

Find something you want to progress in, and take it to the next step…..take a risk…..do something you’re not comfortable with and you’ll find results will continue!

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