More ways to better sleep

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OK, next 4 tips to improve one of the most important ‘routines’ for Health, Fat loss and Mood.

1. Eating before bed.
No less, rather than more! Ideally we should eat larger meals earlier in the day when we need the energy.
Our liver is our biggest fat burning organ, and our digestive system uses a lot of energy to operate. If you’re attempting to sleep on a full stomach, you’re losing fat burning potential, and drawing both energy and hormonal release away from where it’s needed.
Quick digesting foods like scrambled eggs, omelette or stir fry is more beneficial than heavier, potatoes, pasta or red meats.

2. Put the rubbish out.
OK that’s once a week, but I mean the emotional rubbish.
If putting phone on airplane mode was #1 yesterday this is #2.
How active is our brain during the day,
both around actions and plans,
but also just thoughts, worries and reminders?
End of the day is when we’re shutting down
both physically and mentally,
but also when we go into;
– What haven’t I done?
– Must remember ……..
– I wonder if …..
– How could I ……
– Tomorrow I must ……

and all kinds of other internal dialogue.
Letting this stuff just ‘sit’,
is like loading up the washing machine and turning it on!
Write down everything on a bit of paper from reminders to just ‘on the mind’ thoughts.

Doing this physical/logical act, mentally shifts those
‘thoughts’ into a different section of the brain,
and will not just let you sleep better, but deeper.
…………Oh and you also have a ready made action list for the next day, and/or things you can cross off.

3. Consume before bed.
3 things can help the body nutritionally to relax and sleep.
Half a banana contains levels of magnesium, potassium and tryptophan, all which help relax the body.
Peanut butter on celery is another which can aid sleep (starting to get a bit more calorific!)
Magnesium and zinc together as a supplement will give you a great sleep too (look for a citrate version- around 300mg magnesium and 20-40mg zinc)

4. Just breathe!
How often do we take breathing for granted,
and do it automatically?! Well, for life’s sake often,
but this will fit well with number 2 above,
and once done, just sit.
Roll, shrug the shoulders, close your eyes,
and take 3-4 of the biggest breaths you can,
in through the nose, and out slowly through the mouth.

Controlled breathing is a great way to slow
the heart rate,
slow down the brain (if you concentrate on breathing and not on thoughts!) and just relax ….. try it some time

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Improve your sleep Part 1

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Sleep Tips #1
Last week sleep was a topic some asked for help with.
So each day this week I’ll give 4 tips – hopefully 1 of 20 might help 🙂
1. Cooler over Warmer Room
– Reaching the time of year where the heating goes on, however for sleep purposes you might find a cooler bedroom helps. Too hot, and you’ll get restless, too cold and your bodies nervous system will queue up the muscles to shiver, not allowing them to relax.
Take the thermostat down in the bedroom,
cooler than your living room,
and let your body adjust.
2. Blackout blind
– A commonly used one, but really works, especially if your room is road or moon facing! It really will make a difference. Your room should be as dark as possible
3. Airplane Mode!
– Do you use your phone as an alarm, or keep it by your bedside? Do you leave it on silent of do not disturb?! NO! Put it on airplane mode. There are PLENTY of studies showing that phones omit electromagnetic signals at the best of times, which repeatedly, aren’t great for our health, but when it is within reach of our head,
and our brain is trying to switch off, it’s a HUGE “No, No!”
Yes, you might get to sleep,
but studies have shown reduced ‘deeper sleep’ patterns and more headaches in those keeping it on.
Seriously, this alone if you leave your phone on will bring you the biggest change in health and sleep all week!
4. What do you do?!
– Keep a piece of paper and pen near you from 1000pm til bedtime. Write down, as you go, everything you do, and approx how long for.
Watched Apprentice 9pm – 10pm
Surfed Facebook 10pm – 10:30pm
Put the washing on 10:30-10:35
Talked with partner 10:35 – 10:36 😉
End of the week have a look at just how much time you waste or procrastinate with in an evening.
It’s amazing how many people I talk with directly who say “I know I procrastinate and drift in an evening” – it’s one of the easiest ways to investigate and reclaim time!
Nothing changes unless you try 🙂

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How to burn fat first thing in the morning

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 Tip – Improve mental focus and burn fat without working out
 How – Skip ‘breakfast’ occasionally, and eat late morning or midday, OR have a protein/fat based breakfast.
 As Long As – You haven’t been necking carbs/alcohol the night before, otherwise your blood sugar levels will be too low in the morning, and you’ll feel crap
Why – Ever considered the word ‘breakfast’? “Breaking the fast” ? Over night you’re naturally fasting …. going your longest without food. This lets the digestive system rest, including the liver to detox, and your body will switch to burning fat for energy (not much overnight, but still using it).
Then you wake annnnnnndddd… have breakfast,
often containing carbs, which releases a ‘storage’ hormone called Insulin which ………. turns off fat burning – back to carbohydrate burning.
Won’t I be Hungry? – Mentally you might, physically you’ve got TONS of fat (ok, I’m not picking on you!) to burn as energy, it’s just that;
a) You’re used to mentally eating often
b) Your body is used consuming food often
c) Drink water, stay busy, you’ll be fine!
d) Protein and fat don’t release as much insulin, in fact they release the opposite hormone, Glucagon, a fat burning hormone! – Bonus

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Why you MUST slow down

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General agreement is that how we feel, will generally dictate how we eat, whether we have something ‘healthy’ planned or not.
Relaxed and calm = Goes to Plan
Stressed and Overrun = whatever and possibly evening alcohol?!


Equally how we FEEL hugely dictates our emotions,
and stress levels.
High stress levels (Cortisol) put us into “Fight or Flight” mode, within seconds (any longer and it would be useless!!)

Think of being scared  (in person or a film etc),
and how quickly your heart rate increases
along with adrenaline levels.

Exactly the same response happens,
whether it’s a work email/talk,
running late, caught in traffic, argument,
or generally feeling
overwhelmed – it pushes us physiologically into our Sympathetic Nervous system (Fight or Flight),
resulting in elevated hormones we don’t necessarily want.

(They also affect our digestion of food, and therefore any weight gain/loss plans we might have.)

So …….. on a rough guesstimate,
how many times do your stress levels
elevate in a single day?! …………. Aye, probably don’t want to think about it too much.

However, this shows further factors
and ‘brakes’
it can have on your health, weightloss, state of mind, emotions and choices.

STRESS = Adrenaline + Cortisol + Insulin = Raised Blood Sugar Levels ===== Fat Burning Switched OFF

I’ll be covering ALL the above in my 10 Day Calm Course
starting Thursday — with just 2 Places LEFT.
– I’ll show you how to slow the brain down simply.
– How to be more focussed and ‘in control’
– 1 single thing you can use to improve Productivity x10 !
– How to feel more relaxed, less rushed
– How to improve sleep quality and be more awake in the morning!

Interested – jump in here >>


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Beware of Protein Shakes for Fat Loss

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Neck protein shakes throughout the day,

to try and up your protein or help with fat loss?


Think again ……. A protein shake can raise Insulin levels more than WHITE BREAD – not what you want, when controlling insulin is the key to fat loss.


Go real foods, go protein and higher fat, low carb!

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