Shut the book or turn the page

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Do you need to close the book you’re ‘reading from’ ?

Maybe it’s around;
– Why you can’t lose weight at the moment?
– Why you can’t workout at the moment?
– Why you can’t go to bed earlier?
– Why you can’t not drink in the week?
– Why you can’t plan meals a day+ in advance?
– Why you can’t address some of the things NOT working currently?
– Why you can’t appreciate how well you’re doing, and stop beating yourself up?
– Why there is NO wagon, so if you have a few ‘off choices’ it doesn’t stop you improving those.

Most of the above, maybe even more,
are just stories you’re likely telling yourself …….. could even have been saying them for some time now that you actually believe them,
and find it easier to keep ‘reading the same page’ ?

But any time you want to turn the page,
close the book, and start a new one you can.

1. What needs to change, start or stop?
2. Whats the FIRST step to doing the above?
3. Do it, no matter how small.
4. Do it again, often.

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Do calories matter?

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Do calories matter?


‘That’ word which causes so much stress and frustration around weightloss.


Not sure which one causes the most emotional upheaval, “Calories” or “Scales” ?!!

Anyhow, do they matter?
For sure.
End of the day, we all need a certain amount to allow our body to function properly and healthily,
and if we eat too many consistently we’ll gain weight,
we reduce them (but not too far or our body goes into protection mode) and we lose weight.

Well, that’s the black and white version,
for those who don’t understand how much hormones impact this.

But, as we’re talking about calories …..

But the BIGGEST take away here,
is whilst calories matter,
the TYPE of calories we consume matter EVEN more for weightloss and health (insulin levels, blood glucose levels – the things which ACTUALLY cause weight gain and can lead to heart issues).

By this I mean Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat.
For example, if you ate 1500kcals of carbohydrates each day for a week and then you ate 1500kcals of protein each day
for a week, you would not only lose different amounts (more on the protein, but your body would react more beneficially to the latter with regards to health and function).

Food as HUGE knock on effects to hormones,
which control everything from body temperature,
mood, sleep, weight, skin/health conditions, immune system and so much more.

These are furhter reasons why I strongly recommend low/controlled carbohydrate eating plans,
on a regular basis for the majority of people – myself included.

If you’d like to learn more,
experience the benefits (mental and physical) of lower carbohydrate plans ……….. with a structured plan that WORKS here’s your chance —–>

P.S. It’s not a 1 plan fits all, as post 4 weeks there’s a continuation group to tailor things personally and make 2018 YOUR best for body and health
P.P.S – On plan we DON’T count calories either

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Action NOT Resolutions

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No doubt either now, or in January, you’ll want to ‘start afresh’. Maybe drop a few pounds, improve body shape, stress, energy and/or daily habits and routines?

Take 15mins with a pen and paper, and these 12 steps WILL get you moving ahead of the “Resolution Crew”!
1) What do you WANT? ????
To ‘lose weight’ isn’t enough, if you want to get past week 1!
What EXACTLY do you want to achieve or improve and WHY?
Being precise is just that.
Knowing WHY as well as WHAT you want to change gives you more ammunition to stick with things.
Write down exactly how you feel currently, and why achieving X will make a difference to you.
Having just some ideas and thoughts doesn’t get us very far.

2) What 2 things are you currently NOT doing, or often enough to create the improvement above? ?

3) What 2 things are you doing TOO MUCH of, or too often, which is contributing to the ‘negative you’ and needs to change to move you towards ‘improved you’? ?

4) Increase your Protein and Fat and reduce your carbohydrate intake. ????????
If I could give just 1 tip it’s this one. Protein and Fat keep you fuller and has a more beneficial hormonal (the stuff that gives or reduces results!) response than carbohydrates. Everybody eats too many carbs, and it’s these that affect fat loss and energy gains. (As we do on )

5) Set a regular bedtime, and repeat often.????
We are creatures of habit, and going to bed the same or as close to same, each day, will help your bodies cycle and hormonal balance. Realistically it should be before 11pm – and unless you’re shift working, going to bed later often you’d probably find, is likely down to faffing!

6) WHATEVER plan/actions you pick, STICK with it for minimum 4-6 weeks. ????
Too often (and likely because you/we don’t have full trust in it) people jump from one plan or idea to the next either without giving it a chance. Real Fat Gain or Loss, Body changes etc don’t happen in a few days or week, and exactly what kind of rush are you in?!

7) PLAN your meals. ?????????
Simple, but if you’re NOT planning, what is happening?
Either leaving food choices to chance/convenience, or someone else’s plan. Be in control of as many things as you can! ?????????

8) Workout with purpose. ???????????????
When you workout, WHAT exactly is the aim of the session/workout?
Is it a gentle heart raiser, or is it with the intention of really working the legs and ass etc?!
It’s much better to workout short and with intensity,
than it is to drift from one machine/exercise to the next, because you’ve done your 10 or 15 repetitions.
Workouts will change body shape,
whilst food changes will reduce weight …. in a black and white world

9) Diarise EVERYTHING. ??
Help yourself out! They say we have 40-70,000 thoughts per day, no wonder we feel like we’re chasing our tail or minds half the time!
Diarise your workouts – make them a priority!
We all have phones with Notepads or Calendars, jot down tasks, thoughts, ideas etc …. help yourself out rather than relying on the memory pool, and you’ll feel a lot calmer! Revisit end of day, and log, delete or keep those ideas/thoughts.

10) Accountability is KING.
If you’re not accountable, it’s ONLY you that knows what the plan is, what your intentions are for the day/week, and whether it gets done or not.
When others are involved, you’re actually starting to set intentions, and there’s more of a priority to get things done.
I have a number of groups, including one post 4 Week Fat Loss, and this is a huge part for setting and achieving more!

11) Start SMALL. ????????
Stuck with getting started, or find the wheels keep falling off?
Go back to numbers 1, 2 and 3 above then workout what the SMALLEST improvement or change is you could do, and do it, then do it again.
YOu’re looking for something that does NOT challenge willpower or motivation, but WILL get you started.
After all, starting IS the hardest part.

12) Don’t wait for Motivation OR the ‘right time’. ????
Both of those come from starting.
Motivation is like momentum, it happens when you get the ball rolling, it doesn’t magically appear, and then you get moving!
Oh and the first part of motivation?
Motive ……… that’ll be back to Number 1 then


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4 more to lose weight

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4 Fat Loss Tips (5 of 5)

1. Get regular sleep and early ????
The evening is when many can procrastinate and suddenly 9pm turns into 11:30pm via facebook and faff!
Sleep is when our body physically gets to rest, but internally and hormonally we reset and rebalance.
Interrupted or short sleep will affect on this, as well as blood sugar levels, leading to poor concentration, reaching for carb based foods and excessive caffeine throughout the morning. Ideally lights off by 11pm, and keeping bedtimes consistent.
If you want to see what you do in an evening, grab a piece of paper and label it 9-9:30, 9:30-10 etc, then for a week write down what you do during those times, and see how much ‘excess’ there may be?

2. Do What your trainer says! ????
Could even be me if you read my info posts!
If a professional gives some advice and backs it up with both experience and results that can be shown, it’s probably worth taking note of. I’d listen to someone if I was seeking help and they knew more about it than me! You’d listen to someone around advice on your car or boiler etc?

If it can’t be backed up, then take with a pinch of salt!
I think we’d all agree experience with results is something you can’t beat

3. Food will ALWAYS be the most important. ????????????????
Yep, even over exercise!
I’ve seen plenty of people pounding the streets, totalling up miles or classes done to ‘burn the calories’.
How about consuming or changing those calories in the first place so you don’t need to be slogging your guts out?!
Carb consumption is excessive for SO many of us,
as proven in my 4 week Fat Loss plan, where awareness and reduction around them has provided INSANE results for people. Just need to increase your protein and fats alongside….. but as we know, being ‘hand held’ with anything consistent is always easier
4. Start SMALL to see BIG ????????
And I’m talking about steps and intentions.
This step will give you the biggest mid-long term returns, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose.
Too often people focus on where they want or need to be than where they are and what’s the next step.
Too often we’ll go ‘gung-ho’, get on the health-wagon,
and commit to changes that are too overwhelming or not sustainable.
This is why people go round and round,
diet to diet, on it and off it.
Grab a piece of paper, split it down the middle and one side write down ALL the things you think you’re doing too much of, or aren’t helping results,
and on the other side,
all the things you’re doing too little of, or could start doing to improve your situation.
Then pick just ONE of those things, either side,
and ask yourself “What’s the FIRST, smallest step,
i can take to either start doing, do more of,
or stop doing, or do less of XXXX?
Then repeat it every day for a week.
If the bottom falls out of that,
you’ve gone ‘too big’ with it …. do it again, but smaller in steps.
Once you manage a week, choose another thing.
We all want GREAT results and quickly,
but depending on where you’re at you might need to just go ‘more steady and often’ …… we’re on this planet (hopefully) for some time

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Tips for Fat Loss

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1. Focus on the Journey NOT the Destination. ????

First off what do you want to achieve?
What’s your end goal? The “Yep, I’ve made it!” ?
Write it down, then forget it.

Too often I hear of people putting all their focus on the ‘result’, the 1, 2 or more stone to lose.

Doing this inflates the future,
and makes the goal appear not only bigger than it is,
but any time progress slows or reverses,
you’ll feel SOOOOO far away.

What’s the first improvement you can make to move you closer to your goal? THAT is your focus this week.
If complete, find the next step, if it’s not, do it again, or make it smaller.

2. Be Honest, Don’t BS yourself. ????

If you actually STOP for a moment, and with a pen and paper (because in our head, things just become another thought) – write down ONE thing you know either you’re NOT doing regularly which will help,
you’re doing too often which ISN’T helping.

How can you improve, reduce or increase that?
Whilst we might not all have the knowledge around nutrition, hormones, mindset etc, 99.9% of us can identify at least 3 things which aren’t helping ……agree?

3. Give it time! ?

If you’ve gained weight it didn’t happen over a few days, or likely even a couple of weeks,
so why should you lose it that quickly (unless you’re under my wing on the 4 week Fat Loss plan ) especially if you’ve had a couple of slip ups along the way.

If you TRULY have identified manageable steps which need doing more often or less, and you’re doing them …. KEEP DOING them!
The only time you should change paths is if it’s really not working when consistent, or you’re following ides and tips from gossip mags!

4. Don’t Mix Fats and Sugars/High Carbs ??
Ever wondered why some foods get a bad rap,
such as doughnuts, muffins, cakes and certain burger fast food take aways for making people overweight?

Because they have high levels of Fat AND sugar – a recipe for fat storage.
I’ve talked before around high carb/sugar foods releasing insulin, a storage hormone that also switches OFF fat burning.
Well, consume a high sugar/carb meal/food along with a fat based item and you’re body is like pac-man in Fat storing mode ….. it has the sugar to release insulin, and the fat to well, make you fatter!
So no fat doesn’t make you fat, but it DOES if you have it alongside high carb/sugar foods.
This is why those foods above suck,
as does eating anything fatty alongside excessive alcohol – think nuts/crisps and beer etc

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