Plastics, Pesticides and illness

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Lovely title eh?! Perfect for a Friday!

However, there’s plenty of health damage going on for most people every day, which can certainly be cut back on.

There is a WHOLE list of toxins, and formats they come in – many damaging our internal organs, our cells, and therefore our skin and health, and our blood system – stopping nutrients from being delivered to the needed parts of the body, stopping removal of fat stores and harmful toxins.

So what are some of the more damaging toxins/sources?

Tap Water – Yup good old fashioned clear stuff…..or not. Studies have found hundreds of chemicals in water systems, let alone the miles of pipework it travels down to reach your tap. Metals, rust, xenoestrogens, contraceptive chemicals – all of these can, and will disrupt your endocrine system, or hormones. Hormones WILL be responsible for fat loss, fat gain and body composition.

Much safer to drink water produced via Reverse Osmosis – I got a very cheap unit from

Agricultural Chemicals – talking pesticides, herbicides, ripening regulators, hormones, antibiotics. All of these things go on with cattle and crops, but most people just see their “food source” in the supermarkets. Cheap meats and products are going to be cared for in a cheap way. There have been studies finding pesticide/herbicide links with infertility, diabetes, Parkinsons. (NHANES 1999-2002) Ensure you SCRUB all veg and peel before use.

Plastics – Mircowave meals in plastics? Leave water bottles in cars? There are Bisphenol-A or BPA, toxic components of plastics that again leak through use or certainly heating, and cause many hormonal imblances in the body along with further studies finding diabetes links (ENVIRON Health Perspect 2006)

Definitely if you have babies/toddlers and are heating milk in their plastic bottles via microwave try to get non-BPA bottles.

If you’re going to microwave do so in a glass bowl, otherwise put it on the hob… and extra 2mins will be saving plenty of health issues.

On top of the above the more processed/packaged foods are likely to contain more of these toxins, or artificial additives that will further disrupt the bodies natural patterns, digestion and hormones.

This is why I always recommend eating as natural as possible, meats, fish, vegetables and fruits, thereby limiting as many artificial chemicals as possible going into the body.

Sure you cant remove every toxin, but where you can, you should.

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