Protein Powders

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It’s a “given” that we need protein to help increase lean muscle, to repair and maintain living tissues and organs in our body.
Other benefits of protein include;
– Slowing down the release of sugars in carbohydrate foods into the bloodstream. This is crucial to health and fat loss, as we want to minimise the release of insulin, a storage hormone in the body
– Protein increases the thermogenic effect in the body, raising the metabolism and so burning calories further…..bonus
– a third of the calories in a protein meal are actually burnt off during the digestive process, so you’re already consuming less!
– Protein takes longer to digest in the body, so will keep you fuller for longer

Great sources are;
– Quinoa
– Lean meats especially turkey and chicken
– Red meats
– Fish
– Pulses
– Lentils
– Eggs
– Cottage Cheese

The above should be your primary sources of protein, but sometimes, such as post-workout when the need for nutrients is higher and required immediately after a workout, a protein shake can be an easier option.

No, I often talk about people being lactose intolerant, or the inability to digest the sugars occurring in milk. Most protein shakes are “Whey Protein” – whey comes from milk protein and occurs naturally in the cheese-making process. Rennet is added to milk to curdle it, the curds are used to make cheese, and the leftover liquid is the whey. This is dried and formed in a powder.

If you do have a lactose intolerance aim for an Isolate powder which is less processed and contains less lactose, albeit more expensive.
Personally, I favour a pea protein or Brown Rice protein which is a lot more natural, and has a good amino acid profile, especially if I mix the 2.

When choosing a whey powder, taste is crucial. If it doesnt taste good, or too synthetic you won’t drink it! Most whey proteins are the same, give or a take a few ingredients. Aim for those low in added sugars and sweeteners, and don’t be sucked in with marketing! One protein is very similar to the next! Don’t pay over the odds!

Finally, ladies, don’t be put off again by the marketing! Protein powders will not make you massive muscle beasts! Rest assured!!

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