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I tweeted this morning about customer service, and how it can even be as little as smiling, having a quick chat or small talk while you’re possibly queuing – this was after i was in a queue at a big coffee chain (yeah I just have the odd coffee 😉 ) and there was more life in a box of roadkill!

Not only is customer service about doing your job well, and providing value, but also about being a REAL human, displaying manners, friendliness and kindness, which is often lacking in our hustle and bustle world! It’s not hard!

If you can provide the latter on a regular basis, you’ll stand out amongst others, but you’ll also be “remembered” by customers and colleagues, and make you more than just a service.

Have you ever noticed the greeting and service in Starbucks versus another coffee chain? Slick, and welcoming – from the moment you get eye contact, possibly an apology for the wait, the order goes through, you’re pointed where to collect the drink from, often wished a “Great Day” ? This doesn’t happen by chance – this is just one part of a group of systems in place, protocols to follow by the staff, and taught during their induction phase.
By implementing this early within the company induction, it’s taken as “habit” and followed by staff, so that no matter the location you go as a customer , you know you’ll receive the same level of service and “welcoming!”.

If you run your own business this is something to encourage for sure, amongst employees and colleagues, to not just get things running smoothly and systematically, but to show YOU value the service you give and the people you come across.

You’ll also save time in the long run if you put systems and procedures in place for things that are repeated regularly.

Go on, smile, engage, be interested and be organised! You don’t have to………but it will make your life and those you come into contact with, a much happier and enjoyable time!

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