Put up or Question it

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So I’ve said before our feelings and emotions from daily happenings affect our thoughts. Everything around us triggers emotions and feelings.

With these thoughts (which dictate our actions) we have 2 choices;


1) Believe those thoughts

2) Question/Challenge those thoughts


What do I mean by this?

Take a concern or something that’s worrying you and write it down.

Does it now feel a little less concerning?


“Is that true”?
Is what you’ve written down REALLY the case,

or is it something you’re inflating as a drama, and have no real proof of its existence?


If you believe it, no matter whether it’s true or not, you’re going to run it over in your mind,

altering it, inflating it, modifying it like a piece of playdoh into different shapes and forms.


This happens many times in a day, and even MORE so if you believe everything or keep it in your mind.

Look to deal with DATA not DRAMA. Question every emotion or thought you get

– this is a great way to think and act logically, and not to become tied up in emotional turmoil or stress with things that occur each day.

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