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Got/had a very simple lesson yesterday.
The end of year school reports came home,
and for my eldest who is in her last year
before Secondary school, her SATS results too!
Thankfully they were great, but her Maths ones
had certainly improved from the last year, and
I asked her;
“What do you think you did to improve?”
(and made sure it was in front of her
younger sister who is like a sponge
for soaking things up at 8, even though she might not look like she’s listening!!!)
“Well, if I wasn’t sure on something, I asked – either a teacher or a friend near me”.
But something we often don’t do around some situations.
Because, “The more time you spend IN your head, the more overwhelmed you’ll feel”.
If we’re unsure of something,
sitting with it will not only reduce confidence,
but it will bring frustration and overwhelm due to a lack of clarity,
Yet when we have clarity around a situation,
we know what’s expected, what we need to do,
or what steps to take, we have confidence.
Take a think back to the last time you
lacked confidence or had concern over something ………….
I bet it was because you were
lacking CLARITY on what was the next step or outcome?
The mind is a complex thing –
but try to operate more from the “External” you than the “Internal” one 🙂
Hope the little story helps/resonates


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