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Before I go into the below, I get it.

If I want something, I want it now.

(I blame my tight-fisted parents!!! Though they would call it smart-investing)

Why wait if I can have it now?!

We live in a world nowadays of “instant”.

– Instant Oats / Ready made porridge (just add water!) — Do you live in a Prison?!

– Pre-proasted frozen potatoes – Fair do’s …… 😉

– 6 Minute Abs ……. Funny I’ve never seen someone with abs made in 6mins?!

– Meal Replacement Shakes – Not quite my sort of meal

– JuicePlus (All your veg and fruit in a capsule)……. yeah right

– Drive-Thru Fast Food. – For those that busy and NEED to stay in their cars.

– Instant Coffee – If I’m gonna have a coffee, it’s gonna be a tasty one

– 90 Day Shred, 60 Day Body, 21 Day Look Great Feel Great Plan – there’s only one plan I’m going with….. coz I know it works without faddy shakes, calorie counting and being left hungry!

– Slendertone – Get abs while you watch tv and eat what you want?! – Remember them?!

?- Diet Company/Slimming Club Foods/Bars – More articial ingredients than Katie Price has under her skin. Not healthy, tasty or good for you, but allows you to eat the same cr*p without thinking you’re dieting!

?We are all GO GO GO!!

But let’s rewind a second………

Actually a good few months or years.

Where did it go wrong?

The feeling tired, waking in the morning with aching joints?

Not getting going til that 1st, 2nd, 4th coffee is in you?

Having regular wind, stomach cramps or bloating?

Finding a lot of your favourite clothes are still

at the back of the wardrobe?

None of the above happened in 6mins,

30days, or in that 3 minutes it takes for the microwave to ping?!

It happened over months, possibly even

a couple of years.

Few good days of gym and eating,

then a few bad ones,

then a couple more.

Until the see-saw balance level of

good v bad,

starts balancing out, or tipping the wrong way.

Habits and Routines my friend!!

Nothing happens in a few days.

It’s ALWAYS about making some changes,

STICKING with them, and INSTILLING them

into YOUR daily routine.

This is how we get RESULTS,

or stay/reverse where we are.

Want me to help with that forward journey?

See you there – http://www.theweightlosstips.co.uk/look-great-feel-great/

Mark “Small Regular Changes Better Than 1 BIG

P.S. Why my 21 Day Plan then?! Coz it’s “instant” enough for GREAT results, but provides foundations for BIGGER and BETTER Plans and results 🙂

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