Reduce Stress for health and fat loss

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OK, so what goes on in your head is gonna determine whether you make good or bad choices right?


– First thing is where your head is at.

If your head is like a washing machine with todo lists,

stressors, things to remember, worrying thoughts etc not only are you “all at sea” but I can GUARANTEE

Your weight loss attempts and health is being affected.



You see, stress releases a chemical hormone called Cortisol.

In small amounts it’s good, it’s creates adrenaline and helps with focus, but

too much is like leaving the tap on with a bucket, creating

Overflow, and eventually will  flood the whole bucket/body and you crash – – – –

Trust me I’ve been there – it’s not pretty – – – Tired/run down all the time, crap immune system, aching body ….. lovely!


I often ask;


“What are the 5 biggest stressors in your life at the moment”?


– Ask yourself that later and then write them down.

These 5 NEED to be addressed and watered down if you want to lose weight and improve your health.

In fact; you do this and NOTHING ELSE

I guarantee your energy levels and weight loss will improve.


Yup – an average PT will help/tell you to exercise more and eat better, but someone who knows what they’re talking about and wants to help people longterm, will want to get into your head and clear stuff out!


Stressors and stuff on your mind will subconsciously affect your sleep as well, hence writing down EVERYTHING on your mind or tasks you need to do before bed time.


Lot’s of people won’t do the above.

You might even be thinking, yeah I might do that later.


But guess what?


The people that get stuff done, and make positive changes,



So got spare time now?

Do it.


Put it in your phone diary, WITH AN ALARM for later on.


This shizzle works, but only if you want to implement it – Your choice 😉


I got a GREAT email reply to my last Info-email from someone saying they had a big money job offer playing on their mind, but she decided to turn it down as with a young family she wanted to spend more time with them. It was starting to become a stressor, but since taking action and turning it down she felt much better!


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