Reducing love handles

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(So!) You wanna reduce the love handles?

The little rolls on your hips.

Guess what, exercise alone ain’t gonna shift it.

Fat accumulation on the hips is often

down to the amount of carbohydratesyou consumed.

By consuming less sugary foods, orsupplementing with some of the ideas below,you will be restricting not only the amountof sugar in the blood, but in turn the amountof insulin released throughout the day – thisis THE key for weight control, loss and lovehandle elimination!

show you how to shrink this area

in my 21 Day body and Health boosting plan here

But, here’s some tips to get you shrinking;

Coconut Oil – Swap out your olive oil and use

this natural wonder product

for better blood sugar control,

energy levels and health! It doesn’t burn

at high temperatures like olive oil does,

so is perfect for cooking, stir-frying with,

and due to it’s properties, is a

great source of energy. Don’t Fear The Fats!


Cinnamon – Cinnamon also has a great effect

on lowering blood sugar levels, and

in turn insulin release.

Use it on omelettes, yoghurt and fruit

salads to give a pleasant taste, but also reduce sugar spikes

Raw Vegetables – A great low calorie, high fibre,

high nutrient rich food source which can

easily be eaten as snacks alongside some hummous,

and will balance out blood sugar levels

during the day, and keep energy levels high.

. Pre-chop and store in the fridge in tupperware pots.

Look to have veg and meat/fish stir frys for

evening meals, as our bodies tend to be

more sensitive to carbohydrates in the evening,

and heavy, starchy meals will not be digested properly in and evening.

There ya go, 3 simple ones to help reduce

the muffin top, but if you want me to

take you through a plan – get on over here!

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