Reiki or Rubbish?!

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Decided on a rest day today, so went to a local Spa, and as my treatment choice, I decided on Reiki. This post is to explain what happened, give my thoughts and then hopefully Reiki practioners/instructors will give me their views and comments?!

It’s not something I’d had before, and I often will try things before passing judgement, unless obviously rubbish, then I’ll just say so…. 😉

So, beforehand I filled in a questionnaire…the usual stuff but the only one I ticked was;

– How are your stress levels? I ticked in the Average, to high level as I’ve been known to have a few bouts of stress with 2 businesses and workload. With the last bout about 10 days ago

There was also a section;

“What do you hope to get out of this today”

I put Manage Stresss levels, Maintain Energy and Improve Relaxation. Now unless I’m being a touch pessimistic, I may already have flagged up some points to the Reiki “lady” and given her some ammo?!!

Anyhow, over an hour of lying on a nice couch, with lights down low, nice scented candles on the go, and some plinky plonky music in the background, only a lunactic would not feel relaxed…Oh I’d also had a steak lunch prior to this and decided on 1 and half pints of Kronenbourg (well I’m not working!) Maybe should have left that?!!!

So… she basically places her hands over your body, working from the feet up, holding for a few seconds before moving to the next area. You can certainly feel heat from her hands, and a few times I wanted to turn round and see if she had one of those hand warmers on the go, to mimic the “energy” !!

I told you I’m pessimistic !!

Anyhow after the hour, I open my eyes ( relaxed from the massage and not the beer!) and she precedes to ask and tell me;

1) I found a lot of energy in your upper body and head, this relates to stress, do you stress a lot?

Me – Well yes, recently I have (also put it on my form)

Her – Do you tend to bottle things/emotions up?

Me – Yes definitely…. this is true

Her – Yes I found this a lot, you really need to take time out to destress (My nan also died last weekend amongst work stress etc)

2) I was also drawn to your right arm, and the energy there as if it’s healing?

Me – Well I’ve just finished 12 hours of a sleeve tattoo so that’s certainly happening and added stress to my body.

Here’s one of my pessimistic sides again – My right arm is just healing so there’s a lot of peeling skin/dry skin on it, surely she could have seen that and worked out somethings not right??!!

3) There was also some feedback from your stomach and intestines, any issues there?

Me – Nope

4) Final one was your right ankle/achilles was telling me there may be some injury/healing going on?

Me – Not that I’m aware of?!


So…. that concluded it…. The Stress side I definitely want to manage more, but how much of what she said is true, or is stuff that generally affects people, or she could have gauged from my answers on the questionnaire?!!

I’m up for trying another practitioner and trying a second round – but anyone got any similar experiences or words of wisdom?!


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