Release YOUR Handbrake

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So when do we feel most “out of control” ?!


You may answer differently, but probably;

– When we’ve failed to plan properly

– When we’re doing something new/out of comfort zone.


The second is actually a GOOD out of control –

after all, staying in our comfort zone, continues

to give us what we usually get – – – it’s the “same old”.

Stepping out occasionally gives us new challenges,

and often  “ignites a new fuse”.

However failing to plan, ain’t a bad thing occasionally,

but fail often enough, it’s a recipe for increased stress,

and regular poor food choices, leading to poor energy, and increased waist size.

Whilst going forward is always crucial, not addressing

your stressors or regular lack of planning is like;

Trying to drive a car with the handbrake on

Moving, but damn slowly and against resistance.

It’s worth hitting the brakes and reversing a few steps to “re-plan”

the things that are often going awry for YOU.

Once addressed, it’s like releasing the handbrake and

accelerating forward.

Just a thought, and one worth taking if you find yourself,

going round and round like a washing machine?!

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