Remove Fat From Your Diet

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It baffles me.

Why some people choose certain diets,

that eliminate “fats”.

-” Fat Makes you fat.

– It’s not good for you.

– Causes heart disease.

– It’s calorific,

– It’s what I need to cut out to lose weight”

Yeah, they’re right – if it’s deep fried, has a pizza base

and loads of toppings, is sugar coated with jam in,

comes in a shiny wrapper and gives you a sugar

high within 15mins of eating it.

But flip it for a second,

was it;

– Full Fat Greek Yoghurt

– Full Fat Cottage Cheese

– Goats Cheese

– Unflavoured Nuts

– Avocado

– Coconut and Coconut Oil

– Olive Oil

– Red Meats and Fish

that got them overweight/out of shape in the first place?!

I can bet you a years Personal Training with me

…… that it ain’t.

Course it wasn’t!

It was likely;

– Lack of accountability

– Not planning meals often enough

– Succumbing to alcohol a little too often in the week

– Possibly eating the foods in the first list too often.

– Not drinking enough water, maybe too many soft drinks

– Too much bread and processed foods.

So to then “Blame” it on natural fats,

fats that actually help with;

– Pretty much every hormone in your body which

“makes you” requires fat to function.

– Brain health

– Every cell in your body needs cholesterol via dietary fat

this includes your skin. Want smoother skin/less cellulite? Eat fat.

– Many vitamins we need to stay healthy, need fat to dissolve/absorb them

– Fat takes longer to digest, so keeps you fuller for longer

it also does not raise Insulin levels, a fat storing hormone

So before looking to remove a natural food group,

maybe it’s worth looking at the cause of problems first,

rather than relying on “old school” blind methods?!

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