Resolving Frustration and Concern

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Frustration and concern – 2 feelings or emotions we get or have

when things aren’t going our way.


But rather than sit with the feelings, which will eventually

drive our actions (or lack of)

look to dig a step lower, as our feelings and emotions can be a “first trigger”.


“Why am I frustrated or concerned?”

Many times it’s because something isn’t working for us;

  • Meaning we’re lacking Direction/Focus/Feeling a bit lost

and or/

we’re feeling “out of touch” with what’s happening;

  • We’re lacking Clarity on what needs to happen and how.

So break it down;

  1. What do I want to achieve/to happen?
  2. If unsure of above, look to change what isn’t working or needs to change
  3. Workout the first steps you can take NOW to move you in that direction
  4. Then know what steps are needed over the following week to move you closer.

Emotions and feelings are our “first warning sign” so rather than put up with them, accept they’ve occurred but work with them to change them to positive/clearer ones you actually want.

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