Routines – Fantastic or Fail

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The old “routines”!!

Many have them, many glaze over when talked about, but face it…..we all have them from getting up in the morning, to last thing done before bed.

Getting better with certain routines could be the key to better results or productivity.

Let’s look at a couple of morning ones.

Get up – Toilet – shower – Breakfast – Facebook/Emails – Makeup (and for the ladies!) – Grab bags – leave the house

The morning routine could be spread over 60 mins, for some it could be crammed into 15 min – either way people have got THEIR routine.

If you struggle to fit breakfast in, or are one of those “I can’t do scrambled eggs in the morning it takes too long” – You seriously need to look at your routine and re-address. It could be simple as getting up 10mins earlier….sure it will feel harder at first because you’re adding something new to your routine, but persevere with it for a few days and it will be included in your “new” routine. Even look to get clothes out the night before for the next day, prepare your snacks etc etc. Anything to make that evening more effective and comfortable for you.

Evening ones, especially weekends, or starting Fridays are where many people go wrong, especially when trying to lose weight. With new PT clients, I’ll often ask them what has stopped them from achieving their targets in the past, or obstacles. We will then put a second column up with ways to break these obstacles.

It’s sometimes something simple like this that will eliminate 2 or 3 obstacles and push you that bit further on.

Some I’ve heard are;

– We always go out for a takeaway and drinks every Friday night

– Often drink alcohol in the week

– Don’t have time for cooking evening meals, so get takeaway or microwave meals

– No food in the house, so didn’t eat, or ate XXXX (Crap!)

– I often go home from work and once I’ve sat down, don’t want to go out again for a workout!

– I never seem to have time to exercise

Any ring bells?!

My answers to the above would be;

– Do something different to your usual Friday routine! Sure, keep a takeaway in, but maybe do it every other week, or for this month do it just at the end of the month. CHANGE your routine – go to the cinema on Friday’s instead, go to a gig etc, just something to take your mind and body out of the “usual”

– Guess what?! Don’t drink in the week…this is an easy one to get a “habit” for….even if it means drinking water out of a wine glass….just change it, sit somewhere else in the room, just don’t follow the same routine!

– You could cook up food and ensure you make more than enough and freeze/fridge extras for another day. A simple omelette or stir fry doesn’t take 2 mins.

– On a Sat/Sunday sit down and workout what meals you are going to eat the week ahead and then shop for those…done deal! If you want further ideas for meals, or a meal plan, check these out  – makes that routine even easier!

– Take you workout kit to work, so there’s no chance of coming home and sitting down first! Or go out at lunchtime and do something

– Workouts can be done easily at home in as little as 4 mins(Check here for workout ideas). This can be while the adverts are on, while your even cleaning your teeth! (I have a PT client who does lunges while cleaning hers! – Plank/dips/pressups while kettle is boiling?!) Again 4 mins is EASY……it’s just a case of building into your routine!


Like anything it’s an effort at first, but only because you are out of your usual routine and comfort zone, but ideally we should always be looking for ways to make ourselves more productive of efficient, and to keep those “Excuses” away!

I bet if your life depended on it you could find resolutions to your obstacles……. treat it that way, and you’ll certainly become more efficient;


So, take 15 mins this weekend, away from the hustle and bustle or usual routines and plan your obstacle and hurdle list, and get ready for a new, fresh week of routines?!!





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