Shut the book or turn the page

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Do you need to close the book you’re ‘reading from’ ?

Maybe it’s around;
– Why you can’t lose weight at the moment?
– Why you can’t workout at the moment?
– Why you can’t go to bed earlier?
– Why you can’t not drink in the week?
– Why you can’t plan meals a day+ in advance?
– Why you can’t address some of the things NOT working currently?
– Why you can’t appreciate how well you’re doing, and stop beating yourself up?
– Why there is NO wagon, so if you have a few ‘off choices’ it doesn’t stop you improving those.

Most of the above, maybe even more,
are just stories you’re likely telling yourself …….. could even have been saying them for some time now that you actually believe them,
and find it easier to keep ‘reading the same page’ ?

But any time you want to turn the page,
close the book, and start a new one you can.

1. What needs to change, start or stop?
2. Whats the FIRST step to doing the above?
3. Do it, no matter how small.
4. Do it again, often.

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