Situps – a waste of time!

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Myth No. 3 – “Situps will give you a 6-pack”


What they WILL do in many cases, is cause a back or neck injury!

Situps are seem to be the “go to” exercise for many exercisers when they want to flatten their stomach, or run out of ideas in the gym!
The number of times I’ve heard, “Yeah I’ll do about 50 sit-ups a day”

Why?! Is it working? Unlikely I’d say……!

I see so many people looking like dying stag beetles on their backs craning their necks to lift their body off the floor!

I’ve also heard plenty say “Yeah it hurts my neck after a while” —-aaahhh, so that’ll be working the abs then?!

Firstly, there’s a phrase – “Abs are made in the kitchen” this is very true, what you eat on a regular basis will flatten your stomach 10-fold over any exercise.

Secondly, when you “crane” to lift your back off the floor you’re putting hundred’s of pounds of pressure on your lower back and vertebrae. Not good if you want to save your back!

Thirdly – just how many calories do you think you are expending to do this movement? I’ll give you a clue – it’s single figures! That’s not gonna torch ANY fat which is covering those abs!

Fourth – Think of the movement – when do you ever perform that kind of situp movement in daily life? No wonder people put their back out, when you crank out rep after rep of this movement……the answer is once, getting out of bed 

Fifth – if you have a job where you are sitting down a lot of the day your hip flexors will become tight, tilting your pelvis forward. This will likely cause 90% of lower back pain. The last thing you want to be doing is exacerbating this problem by pushing more and more sit-ups, further anteriorly tilting the pelvis, and further risking your back – I love bootcamps which throw hundreds of these at daily people……NOT!

Ab crunches can be worth doing with a swiss ball to support your lower back, but they wouldn’t be a regular choice of exercise for me.

I’ll put together some more info on better choice ab/core exercises, but for now, save you’re time, and save your back, situps shouldn’t be done daily or often!

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