Special K ‘diet’ and Cereal

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I’m being asked on Twitter at the moment what I think of Special K !

In my usual style…..”Crap” is the answer!

Let’s get this straight. Special K is no different to any other poor-nutrient content cereal. There’s probably more nutrients in the packaging if you ate it! It’s processed and manufactured so much there is minimal benefit, and it’s more likely to irritate your digestive system. I don’t advocate eating wheat (some people can get away with a bit) as many people have digestive issues or wheat gluten intolerances, resulting in bloating, tiredness etc, that you don’t fully understand until you remove wheat products from your diet for a period.

“But what about their drop a dress size claims?!!!” – alright, calm down! If you replaced any meal with one that was about 200kcals for a week or 10 days you’d lose weight and drop a dress size! That’s all it is….portion/kcalorie control, BUT…… it’s not all about the calories.

If you had a 200kcal bowl of cereal, and the next day had a 200kcal salad with various colour and ingredients and some lean meat or eggs, you’re body would be able to do more with the salad (both energy and digestive wise) than the cereal, which would not only have a beneficial impact on your energy and blood sugar levels(crucial for fat loss), but your digestive system, so therefore better immune system and a flatter stomach……. BINGO!!

Special K have a nice marketing company and adverts……they don’t do diets,healthy eating, or weight control!

People need to get away from cereal for breakfast. It’s just a routine and word association game – think breakfast, what is the associated word?! Cereal or Toast?!! Why? Because supermarkets, advertsising tell us…..they are actually telling YOU what to eat!

Swap for eggs on rye toast – Omelletes, my protein pancake (recipe on here) porridge witha protein shake(again some people don’t tolerate oats well, so limit or try removing for a short period) – greek yoghurt nuts n berries, omelette with veggies go for NATURAL foods, this is what our body wants, and you should want, if you want a GOOD body and HIGH energy!

What you eat first thing in the morning sets your blood sugar levels, energy, and bodies receptors up to expect that type of food for the next few hours – eat carbs, your body will crave more carbs. Eat protein, and you’ll stay fuller for longer, blood sugars will stabilize and you’ll find your stomach will become flatter!

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