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The re-inforced theme this year is ACCOUNTABILITY.

Without this I can guarantee you long term results
are a guessing game.

So, end of last week, I had someone ask about
the January LGFG in 21 days plan – more to the fact
when the next one was.

I asked why she couldn’t do the 24th Jan one?

“Too many birthday’s in Jan” was the answer (I’m not picking on her, just using the example 😉 )

This is OK.
I get you need to go celebrate such stuff, but lemme ask this.

How many days are you gonna be “celebrating” for?!

Even if you have 1 birthday function each weekend,
which is unlikely,
that’s just 4 days out of 31.

EVERYTHING works on momentum.
Starting, building habits and turning into routines.

You always have to look at the bigger picture,
this is where results happen – NOT sure term over a couple of days,
the same with “damaging results”
Sure – a night on the lash won’t help,
but it’s not going to destroy results


You have a plan in place, and are being accountable for your actions!

IF you give yourself a back door option
(too many parties, I’ll start next week)
I BET the rest of the month is a right off,
whereas if you had a plan of action,
you can still enjoy/have those “go to” functions
and still be STEPS AHEAD of where you
would have been if you just decided to “wait til next time”!

So don’t look for the short cuts,
don’t write something off coz it didn’t work straight away.

Small Steps are ALWAYS better than Zero steps, or 1 leap, a fall
?and then a restart when you’ve got up from crying and rubbing your knee!!

Set a plan.
Be Accountable
Move Forward.
It doesn’t have to be a struggle each day.
It IS achievable!

Mark “Keep Climbing That Ladder” Raynsford


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