Stress – the worst thing you can have

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Something that affects EVERYONE, every job, every personal view, and is probably the biggest health problem we cause OURSELVES, but is also a massive factor in dropping fat, and getting into shape.




This post could go on for ever if I covered everything on stress, from removing it, causes, effects etc, so I’ll try and keep it short!!

Seriously, stress and worry is a massive factor in our lives, from external worries and situations, to foods and drink we consume (yep, stressing our digestive system and in turn our hormones, in turn affecting our bodies), to affecting sleep patters, which has a knock on effect to energy levels, to food choices, to energy and weight gain and back to more stress!
Yep, it is a whirlpool!!
Often though, many stressors, externally are from gossip, hearsay, Facebook and things we read or overhear – and then continues to process in ours minds;
” What if this……”
“Did so and so say this or that…..”
“Am I doing this the right way….”
“I wonder if……”
It’s like a recipe book for creating more stress!
We do actually pile more stress on ourselves!

Sure, I’m not saying we can remove all stressors, but we really should look to address and then either eliminate or reduce those we can.
– If we see people on Facebook moaning or posting things often that plays on our mind………either remove them as a friend or you can choose not to see their posts on your timeline!!! Job done!
– Write down everything on your mind and then look at those things which are “just occurring in our head” and can be shelved for now.
– Speak, write, or call someone if an issue needs to be brought up, which could massively reduce a stressor/something on our mind.
– Start planning steps to minimise or reduce actions/routines which could minimise a stressor we have.
All of the above can be done – but only if you want to make changes to them!
Quite often a stressor is the fact we don’t have time, and everything seems to be piling on top of each other.
Well guess what;
These can be listed, and then addressed/prioritised……………… it sure beats keeping them in your head, hoping they’ll go away, and then finding you’re stressed to the eyeballs!
Stress is like a bucket of water and a hose.
Our bodies can cope with so much, but after a period of letting it fill up, it will overflow, and you’ll affect your immune system, depression could kick in, sleep will be affected, sugar and stimulants are craved, and your body can burn out, giving you muscle aches and pains and feelings of flu-like symptoms.
I know.
I’ve been there, twice at least, but knowing the symptoms and the causes, make me ensure I don’t get to that stage again, and I’ll deal with things earlier than before to ensure I don’t go back.
It’s one of the main things I work with my PT clients on, early in their consultation – it’s THAT important.
Insanity = Doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.
Be in control and take action 🙂

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