Sugars and Shaping your bum!

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3 quick nuggets of info –


1) J2O – Give your kids or yourself this, as a “better option”?!

Think again, this bad boy has the equivalent of 7 teaspoons of sugar

per bottle – and yes it is just like giving them 7 teaspoons!


2) Drink fruit juice, or think it’s giving you vitamin C?

It’s again, due to lack of fibre, like drinking liquid sugar.

Not great for energy levels that will peak and fall, but too much

sugar get’s stored on the love handle area.

Broccoli has more Vitamin C than oranges per equal weight 😉


Fruit juice is one “old school” myth I remove from my PT Clients

daily “habits” from the start – Reducing sugars, and a decent breakfast!


3) If you run, but find your bum is getting bigger, you need

to pickup your knees kick you heels more to run faster!

Your glute/bum muscles are “hip extenders” basically bend

your knee up in front and then straighten your leg behind you

as if propelling forward. This last action is when your butt

works most.

If you’re a “shuffle runner” and get not a lot of “pickup” you’re

not working your bum muscles.


Check 100/200m runners, there’s are firm due to the effort………..errrr I’ve been told.


So, run short/sharp distances.

If you need to run long, add in some hill runs which will challenge

the butt due to the upward “drive”.

Other great butt exercises include walking lunges, squats, and step ups.


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