Supermarket Confusion!

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Comes to shopping, and there’s FAR

too many options.


Low Fat, No Fat, Full Fat.

Wheat Free, Gluten Free

No Sugar, Low Sugar

Low Calorie, No Calorie

It’s no surprising many people get confused!


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Ever noticed the offers at the ends of the isles?

Rarely meat/veg/essentials etc – often the alcohol or biscuits etc.

This marketing aint by chance – it’s been shown it’r your “switch off from what I need” zone,

and on your browsing radar!

Anyhow, here’s a little list of better options,


in my opinion of course…….

– Gluten Free Products?

These tend to have wheat gluten removed (that causes bloating, stomach aches, sluggishness in many),

but then have lots of fillers and additives,

not making them a good “natural” option. * (Unless you are coeliac, which limits your choices)

I don’t deal with gluten, so I’ll swap;

Normal Pasta for Spelt Pasta (eat rarely) – it’s digested easier.

Normal Bread – for spelt bread or rye bread to go with my eggs


– Low, No Fat Products

Natural fats in natural foods are fine.

They don’t make you fat. Your hormones which control

everything in your body NEEDS dietary fats to function.

The odd Lower fat product is OK, but I always choose

the full fat version. (Yoghurt, hummus, coconut milk etc )

The only fats you want to limit are those in processed foods

that the body struggles to use.


– No Sugar v Low Sugar

Squash and other drinks tend to be the main ones here.

If the sugar is removed, companies add artificial sweeteners.

The clue is in the artificial! Your body will think

WTF is this I’m trying to digest – will store it as a toxin/foreign object,

and if taken regularly could screw with hormones.

There’s a lot of studies on Aspartame and effects it has

on brain health, children attention and behaviour etc.

Personally we use the sugar versions of Juice

drinks for our kids. I’d rather they had some sugar

than artificial sweeteners.


– Low Calorie/No Calorie Options

Ok firstly the only ZERO calorie thing you should consume?


Low Calorie? That sort of says to me;

“I’ll eat this, coz I know I’m eating too much elsewhere” ?!

Yes calories matter to a degree, but if 80% of your weekly diet

is made up from meat, eggs, fish, yoghurt, veg and fruit

concussions you DO NOT need to worry about calories,

or low calorie food.

Be in control of your OWN intake choices,

don’t let others dictate for you!

There ya go, hope it helps?!

Remember it doesn’t have to be confusing

if you stick to the basics/essentials 80% of the time!

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