Surgery done!

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Well last Friday the deed was done!
90min surgery to reattach my ruptured bicep tendon turned into 3 hours, and finally got home later that day, slinged up!

Now to many the whole talk of surgery is probably boring and un-interesting – if I’m honest it probably would be to me too, but its one ofd those things where unless you’ve experienced it, you really don’t appreciate so many things such asl

– everyday freedom of movement

– everyday tasks like getting dressed (have now mastered putting socks on 1 handed!), typing with one hand (wrong one!), having to have food cut up, cleaning teeth with wrong hand

– not being able to drive or get about as much!

– no exercise, and getting out of my usual, active daily routine.

to name but a few! But this isn’t a “feel sorry for me story” just a “Be grateful, and don’t take things for granted” point!!


So, was sat in the morning of surgery and had bought a relaxation cd as id heard reports of such music calming the body before the stress of surgery and i thought id give it a go! I personally think it worked a treat….very relaxed even going into anaesthetic…… and if I’m honest i was shitting myself leading up to Friday! I even had some of the tunes in my head as i lay back and the anaesthetic knocked me out!

3 hours later i came round, groggy but not much pain, and went home later. felt really sick that evening as id heard the general can do that.

Since surgery I’ve had very minimal pain….more swelling in the hand and forearm which has gone down somewhat since this shot!!!!

My forearm is still a bit numb and pins and needles but I’ve heard this can be the case for a good few weeks.

Procedure was to make a 5″ incision down from lower bicep through elbow crease to lower forearm, drill holes in your radial bone (outside of forearm) attach the bicep tendon through these holes and place a “button” on the end to hold the tendon in place. It takes about 4 weeks for the tendon to graft to the bone, then limited weight bearing movement for about 4months, building up.

I’m booked to see the specialist next friday so will find out exact cause of damage, surgery info and the plan ahead….. and also have it undressed and see the damage to the tattoo sleeve!!


Got a feeling the upcoming physio and movement sessions are gonna hurt like hell!

Finally, thanks to ALL who read this blog, twitter etc who sent me messages in the lead up, and post surgery……I truly was gutted with the injury and pending surgery, but i was overwhelmed withe the good wishes and caring thoughts. Thanks VERY much!! 🙂 x


P.S This message took forever to type with left hand! Im drained!!

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