Swallowfield Duathlon – Back in the game!

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They say a lot happens in a week – well the cliche people on Match of the Day etc do!


But it was proved this week! If you read my blog of last week, I crashed and burned last Sunday, doing the London Duathlon. The heat, the distance and my probably lack of 10k training were all a big part. I walked for the first time EVER during a run, on the 5k leg, and that’s something I’ll have to live with now. To me it was a real disappointment, but I wouldn’t have if I didn’t need to, so needs must!


Anyhow this week I’d done no further training apart from a short bike and run on Saturday, mostly as the house had a minor cold (after intense events your immune system is knocked quite heavily) and I felt like I was holding something off too, so I decided to rest this week knowing the efforts of last week would carry me through for this mornings event, which was shorter (7k run, 18.7k bike and 3.7k run), plus the weather was a lot more reasonable……about 17degs versus 28!!!


Also, when you compete at a high heart rate and heavy breathing rate for a considerable time, you actually “bruise” your windpipes, and deep breathing this week was quite painful in the upper chest area! Hmmmm, good job I have good positive mental energy!!!


This was the 1st time the group had organised the event, and was running alongside a 10k run – I’d like to say the organisation and marshalling was superb – I hope they do it again!


Anyhow, we set off on the first run, and I felt a good pace for the first 2k. Now here a change happened from last week! Last Sunday I ran the 10k in one “gear” – I just didn’t have a “step-up or push on” whatever you want to call it!

This race, being cooler, I found it, and pushed on……5k in I pushed on again, and even had to talk myself into easing off a little as the bike leg (with an unknown route!) was approaching and I didn’t want to burn out early!

I came into the transition area feeling good! Bike kit setup I was off, and overtook 2 other competitors within the first 4 k. The route was quite flat with a couple of hills and I really felt good at the pace I held. I finally overtook a 3rd and 4th rider near the transition, and moved into the final run thinking there weren’t many ahead (I’d say there were only about 40-50 competitors for the duathlon)

Now the lack of training started to show!

Running off the bike is tough. You use different muscles and one is weight bearing…..and well the other aint! Usually it takes 1-2k to get the “feeling” back in the legs, but there was no time for this as it was only 3.7k!

My pace again felt good. Half way hit a few longer roads, which is never good when your breathing rate is high and all you can see is tarmac and your path! It’s when the mental attitude kicks in!

This time I was having ALL OF IT! I knew I’d done a first good run, I knew my bike was good…..there was NO WAY I was letting myself down with the final leg! I wanted a good time!

I pushed on and saw the sign for 500m, rounded the corner and saw the field with the FINISH banner, straightened the number, heard the announcer call my name and I grimaced as I hit the line!



I felt knackered, but good!

I’ll always leave EVERYTHING on the event. My philosphy on events is “I don’t want to get home and think, if only……… or I could have done a bit better there”

I can rest when I get home.

This event is there, then it’s done.

I’ve paid – I’ve trained – I’m here to challenge myself, and challenge past times I’ve done.

I’m pretty sure I did this today!

I finished with;

30mins 16 for 6.7k Run

34mins 50 for 18.7k Bike

16mins 10 for 3.7k run

I’m waiting to hear the official result, but would like to think I came in the top 10.


I’ve now got 2 weeks off until the next event, and then it’s back to a 10k/40k/5k like the London Duathlon (mind challenge!) followed by another the ¬†week after of a shorter distance.



I plan to work on my 10k speed during this time and see what happens.

As the Japanese Proverb states “Fall down 7, Stand up 8” – I could have continued to mope about last weeks event, problems etc, but what’s done is done, I knew I did the best I could at the time, and EVERY event, EVERY challenge will be different (weather, course, prep, participants etc) so you can never compare 2 the same.


Just do what you do well. Do the best you can. Be proud of your efforts and continue to improve yourself.

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