Taking the FIRST Steps

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So what’s the hardest step when trying something new?

Keeping it going?
I personally think it’s getting going/started.
Lot’s of times there’s the subconscious voices 

in the head;
– Maybe later
– It’s on my to do list
– Hmmmm, not sure if I can…..
– But, what if……
– I’ll think about it…..
– Sounds good, but don’t think I can….
Lot’s of emotional talk from one side of our brain
often called the “Chimp”
But what have you got to lose?
I took a first step last night.
Those following for a while know early in the year
I had some neck “issues”.
Basically threw all my training out (along with half my bank balance on treatment!)
and I’ve had to change what I do – no more running/biking,
and took up Tennis.
All has been good, but it’s not often enough – couple of times a week.
I’m still finding bad habits creep in – oh aye……… we all get them.
The “ending moment” however, is I’ve addressed
what I need to do, to cut these extra bad habits,
and I’ve signed up to my local gym.
(Despite having my own PT studio at home! Change of scenery and all that)
<< As you read this I WILL be at the gym! Power of scheduling! >>
That is the first steps.
I’ve sort of known for a few weeks what I needed to do.
Have a think of what you need to do,
to get back on track, to improve your current plans,
to remove some stressors and make things easier,
and DO IT.
Tomorrow can easily become next week or month,
Take a Grip and Take Action ………. it can be pretty pleasing 🙂
Got this yesterday from Caroline, who took action on the 
last round of LGFG in21 Days – now reaping the benefits;
As you know I did your 21 day plan and got great results!  Since officially finishing I’ve kept to it most of the time. I’ve gone back through the exercises and done mobilities and core workout almost every day.  I’ve allowed myself a few treats here and there of course but, the great news is, I’m still losing weight and I’m feeling fab!  I feel so much better about myself because a) I achieved something by sticking to the plan for 21 days AND continuing with it, and b) I feel more confident because my body is looking how I want it to.  🙂  🙂

My husband even said I need to buy some new clothes because mine are hanging off me!!”

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