The 1st Thing To Do….

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It’s often the thing that can limit us – it certainly gets the emotional brain into “TURBO” gear.


Just getting on and starting what you need, want or have to do.

I’ve just done my first “Livestream” video – I could have put it off, tried to find the “best time” to run it, then held off until I had the “perfect” content, worried about how long it should be, how many might watch, if my hair was alright (ha!) who might say what……..


It’s all these “futuristic thinkings” (Which I talked about in the video below by the way) which stop us taking action, stops us getting somewhere, and stops us being US or ME!

Sure, I might have gone off track a bit of the video, I might have “Ummm’ed” a couple too many times, I might have run over a little more than I wanted to ……..

BUT I started…………. and there’ll be a next time.

I talk to my clients each week about their “WINS for the week, and their LESSON’s LEARNT”.

Because not always will things go perfectly to plan, but as long as you know why they didn’t, and learn from it – it’s as good as a win.

But Back to the STARTING. Just start.
Sod anyone else.
Sod what “might” happen.
Sod what “could” go awry.

Unless it’s likely to cause you or someone some harm, then crack on.

As the phrase (and book) says;

You can ALWAYS re-aim and fire again.
Don’t be left on the starting line, because you made up too many excuses NOT to start.

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