The crap you tell yourself

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Today is 4 weeks exactly since I decided
enough is enough, and I had my little personal rant here

Things were a bit unorganised,
I was getting lots done as usual,

?I wasn’t as focussed as I can be,
gym sessions were rare,
and I was feeling weak and frustrated over it.

I’d tried before, but maybe not “tried”.
I’d definitely TOLD myself I couldn’t get up earlier,
I needed sleep.

I had certainly told myself I was crap
at working out in the mornings;
again based on the few times I’d tried,
and probably had been tired.

But when you KNOW what needs to happen,
you set a plan,
and you know WHY you are doing something – things are a lot easier.

– In the 4 weeks I’ve had 2 days where I didn’t get up at 6 through choice.

– one time where I woke up on a Saturday, went to get dressed for the gym only to see it was 2:44am – I was that much on automatic pilot I had dreamt my alarm has gone off!

– my daily energy levels and therefore productivity are up

– weekend drinking is down as I need sleep, and wake up next morning
– of course here we’re days with “resistance” but KNOWING the above helped.

– I’m working out 6 times a week.

We all
have shit that ISN’T working for us.
Anything can change if YOU WANT IT, and want to look AT IT,
but for many it’s either masked over each day,
we don’t want to look at the barbed wire in front
of us,
or we feel it’s just something we need to put up with.

^^ That’s NOT Freedom in life, and it’s certainly NOT enjoyable right? ^^

Want help getting out of somewhere?
Want help getting somewhere?
Want help figuring out what’s NOT working
Want help figuring out what NEEDS to work?

Whether it’s now or post Xmas,

and let’s do it;
What’s worse – the pain of staying as you are
or the Fear of making NEEDED change??

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