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So, we all agree that our feelings and thoughts
dictate our actions right?

(If you don’t, and want to mask this over there’s no point reading on!)

The hormones/chemicals in our body,
that dictate the overall running of it,
are ALSO triggered from our brain.

Because of this, our day to day feelings, emotions and thoughts,
dictate what hormones get released,
and in what concentration.

** You have a lot of stress and overwhelm,
you’ll be releasing lots of adrenaline
and cortisol – ok in small amounts,
but a steady flow wrecks havoc for
dropping body fat, a healthy body, energy etc

** Flips side – happiness, fulfilment and focus,
release serotonin – your feel food hormone,
and funnily enough, life seems great,
decisions are logical, energy and mood
is sky high, and you get the “I’ll have some of what you’re on”

So, which one are you?
Which one do you want to be?


Mirror this with “beating yourself up”
for having a pizza, cake or chocolate,
and you’re actually telling your brain;

“You suck at decision making!”

—-> Which set of hormones are going to be released from this?

You’re also telling your brain,
“I don’t trust you with decision making”

Exactly the same happens if you
tell yourself regularly you don’t like what you
see in the mirror.

You’re literally telling your brain
you dislike/hate the body it’s in, and what hormones
are going to be released around the body?

—–> Certainly not the Feel Good ones eh?

So what are those voices inside your head
going to be telling you if this happens on a
regular basis?

“Don’t trust this brain…… it’s a nut job! It doesn’t know what it wants, it can’t be trusted with decision making”

And thereafter you have continuous chit chat
going on inside your head with;

What is Right
What is Wrong
What Should you be doing
What Should you think
What are other people thinking

It’s just a tornado of emotions and thoughts.

No wonder your brain is confused!

So today’s message isn’t eat what you want
and think positive thoughts!

It’s this;

***   “YOU make the decisions, so live by them”    ***

If you want something – have it, enjoy it and then move on.

Obviously if this is happening daily,
you might need to re-evaluate
what you want and where you’re going,
but we control ourselves and our thoughts,
so make sure you work with them not against them.


I cover this more with the guys in MindFit,
and SO much more to ensure Life is
what you want, especially if you keep
hitting a brick wall with results and/or
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