The problem with juicing

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I’m often asked my thoughts on juicing –

so I give them!


Asked again yesterday, so here it is

if you’ve missed previous ones;

“Just finished with a Jason Vale fresh (fruit and vegetable) juicing detox. Was supposed to be for 28 days but training, walking and fighting a bad cold with nothing but vegetable and fruit drinks made me feel rubbish. I persevered until day 12 and lost 5 kg but felt exhausted and not the boundless energy they say will follow…any advice on this type of detox in general?”


The answer is pretty much in the question!

With the above, from what I remember,

?you have one main meal a day and 2-3 juices.

Sounds like starvation to me.


++ You reduce calories big time via juicing.

Not good for health or metabolism.

(But why you lose scales weight and excess stored water on it)


++ As shown, you can’t exercise on it.

I think on their retreats you do low level exercise/yoga.

Not surprised with minimal carbs/calories inside you.


++ You’re getting nutrients in, but not the calories.

A great way to lower your metabolism and possibly knacker thyroid

Sure add a juice in as part of your daily plan,

but DON’T replace meals with them.


The man might be rich from his books, but IMO

he needs a good shoe-ing too.


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