The steps to take to improve

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Making changes or “life improvements” (why does that sound like a form of DIY?!)
Is something we all strive to do.

Some have more awareness, and take more steps towards this- but we all
Want to improve, if not all of the time, certainly at stages.

The thing is our brain (which we know controls everything we do/don’t do and feel) doesn’t really like change.
It feels safe doing the same things repeatedly and actually gets stressed if we try to change things drastically.

So what’s the key to implementing and sustaining changes?


How many times have you tried to make big/new changes, taken big steps, because it seems the right thing to do,
Because = we want change and we want it NOW!

But then how often have the wheels fallen off, you’ve bailed after a few days or weeks and you’re back at square one, possible telling yourself “I knew that would happen!”

These are the steps I use effectively with my Coaching Clients.


Doing this alone can be tricky,
Because we don’t have patience.
We want change/improvement,

And again, we want it NOW.
So we drop out quite quickly,
Especially with usual daily happenings.

But having someone Coach you,
supporting your objectives,
Helping you set your steps and plan,
Is a HELL of a lot easier and more effective.

So if you’re looking to improve
Something or make changes, go smaller,
have patience, and know smaller sustainable steps will last longer than bigger leaps that will likely sit you back on your arse!

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