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Summary of thoughts and questions I’ve been asked this week ;
1) Convenience
Bought some pre-packed frozen smoothie bags this week.
Great and tasty but pretty expensive,
but you’re paying for the convenience.
As ever planing and preparation will remove the need
for convenience most of the time (sure, convenience will never disappear)
but how about making convenience work for you?
Grab some freezer bags.
Get out your green veg;
Broccoli, spinach, kale etc
chop some pineapple, mango, banana
Throw them into individual bags in the freezer
then you have your own smoothie bags to make up
just add some water/juice, optional yoghurt and you’re away.
Some pre-planning and prep saves time, dollar
and stress!
2) Implementation
Magazine covers offering “1 week fat loss”,
also “Best Butt exercises or Fit Arms” etc
They have the same headlines every month,
so it obviously doesn’t work (or promotes a yo-yo effect in people)
otherwise people would ever only need to buy 1
magazine and job done!
It’s never about the information, it’s more about
the implementation for getting stuff done,
so ditch the quick fix and use the implementation
time for more lasting, maintainable results.
Just KNOW what you’re trying to achieve,
and how to do it.
An if the above is the stumbling block – ask me – happy to advise 🙂
3) Confidence.
Had eldest daughter’s end of school production.
She was confident not nervous this time round.
Because she KNEW what to say and all the songs etc.
In life/work etc we can often lack confidence
when we’re unsure of what needs to happen,
what we need to do etc.
Find Clarity in a situation and you’ll often increase
confidence. Having a lack of clarity around something
fuels our internal dialogue and anxiety.
4) There is NO wagon.
Someone messaged me to say they’d fallen off the wagon
one night this week, with a drink.
Beating yourself up due to choices YOU made,
is a quick fire way to kick your logical brain
in the butt.
Combine it with the “being yourself up ” for choices you made,
is like your emotonal/threat brain telling your logical brain
“I knew you were crap at making choices, you can’t be trusted!”
If this happens often,
you’ll serious affect self esteem,
motivation, brainset control and the ability to make logical
Life is about enjoyment, choices and variety.
Sure if you’re drinking most nights or takeaways
3-4 times a week, you’re balance is wrong, and likely
so is your brainset – you’re possibly lacking clarity
in an area of life.
But if it’s occasional choices – there’s no problem.
It’s about the balance of the see-saw choices!


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