Tips for Fat Loss

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1. Focus on the Journey NOT the Destination. ????

First off what do you want to achieve?
What’s your end goal? The “Yep, I’ve made it!” ?
Write it down, then forget it.

Too often I hear of people putting all their focus on the ‘result’, the 1, 2 or more stone to lose.

Doing this inflates the future,
and makes the goal appear not only bigger than it is,
but any time progress slows or reverses,
you’ll feel SOOOOO far away.

What’s the first improvement you can make to move you closer to your goal? THAT is your focus this week.
If complete, find the next step, if it’s not, do it again, or make it smaller.

2. Be Honest, Don’t BS yourself. ????

If you actually STOP for a moment, and with a pen and paper (because in our head, things just become another thought) – write down ONE thing you know either you’re NOT doing regularly which will help,
you’re doing too often which ISN’T helping.

How can you improve, reduce or increase that?
Whilst we might not all have the knowledge around nutrition, hormones, mindset etc, 99.9% of us can identify at least 3 things which aren’t helping ……agree?

3. Give it time! ?

If you’ve gained weight it didn’t happen over a few days, or likely even a couple of weeks,
so why should you lose it that quickly (unless you’re under my wing on the 4 week Fat Loss plan ) especially if you’ve had a couple of slip ups along the way.

If you TRULY have identified manageable steps which need doing more often or less, and you’re doing them …. KEEP DOING them!
The only time you should change paths is if it’s really not working when consistent, or you’re following ides and tips from gossip mags!

4. Don’t Mix Fats and Sugars/High Carbs ??
Ever wondered why some foods get a bad rap,
such as doughnuts, muffins, cakes and certain burger fast food take aways for making people overweight?

Because they have high levels of Fat AND sugar – a recipe for fat storage.
I’ve talked before around high carb/sugar foods releasing insulin, a storage hormone that also switches OFF fat burning.
Well, consume a high sugar/carb meal/food along with a fat based item and you’re body is like pac-man in Fat storing mode ….. it has the sugar to release insulin, and the fat to well, make you fatter!
So no fat doesn’t make you fat, but it DOES if you have it alongside high carb/sugar foods.
This is why those foods above suck,
as does eating anything fatty alongside excessive alcohol – think nuts/crisps and beer etc

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