Treat things like a driving lesson!

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So this week, I’ve taken the little man (jeez it’s like being a parent again!) Nero the pup to his puppy classes. These classes/lessons and the work we have to do with them has a crossover to making positive daily changes.


Trying to progress from sitting to getting him to lie down!

At first he looks at you like an idiot (no comments!)

Then through simple commands, leading with food and repetition, he eventually associates word commands with reward.

Keep repeating these and hey presto, I’ve got a dog ready to compete in Britain’s Got Talent!


All of these are habits, building into routines – another 2 things I bleat on about on a regular basis!


The better these are, the more positive your results, feelings and enjoyment will be.


Think back to the first time you took driving lessons and how you probably bunny hopped the car around the Sainsbury’s car park, or revved the engine like an F1 car as you got used to the pressure on the pedals.


All of these were learnt through repetition, building into habit and routine.


The same if you’ve got kids and teaching them to ride a bike. You have to start off small, do it often, and build trust and confidence in them, til eventually they’re off and riding.


All of the above can reflect back to any NEW changes you want to make, if you want  improvement;

Such as prepping lunch the night before.

Getting up earlier.

Making time to workout, even if it’s just 10mins.

Getting workout clothes out and ready before work.

Cutting out alcohol in the week.

Cutting back on coffee intake, and limiting to mornings only.

Improving your running distances.

Getting to bed earlier.

Being more productive with morning/evening routines.

Planning evening meals and shopping directly for those.



They’ll all be uncomfortable at first, possibly even a burden, but the more these tasks “mean” something to you, either as a single task or as a piece in a jigsaw, the more often you’re likely to practice it.


After all, everyone wants to learn to drive, to get out in that Mini Metro with furry seat covers and manually wind that window down with the handle, while playing the latest Now 55 via cassette?!

OK, maybe that was just me back in the early 90’s …….. 😉


Either way, pick a couple of things you want to change/improve and remember it’s not gonna change with “one ride in the car” – but if you want to change it enough you’ll soon learn the “clutch control” and be off and running/driving!

Help changing these habits is here!


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