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Ever considered a “To Stop” list instead of a To-do list?!

Lemme explain………

we live in a manic world right?
Quite often we create a lot of it ourselves,
and with stuff we don’t really need, or have to.

– Higher stress levels
– Spinning multiple plates
– The ever-growing To Do list
– Panicking we finish the day and nothing looks to have been done?
– Thousands of thoughts each day, andĀ 
overdwelling/analysing on many
– Lack of Clarity around what we REALLY need/should be doing

It just creates “Noise” – loud, hideous noise.
Think “The Cheeky Girls crossed with The Smiths”

Yeah yeah – each to their own – can’t stand either!! ha ha!

Anyhow, we want to change,
we want to make things better right?

So what do we do?

We quite often look for NEW things
we’ll implement or try,
things we’ll add into life
to make improvements.

But often, especially if we don’t have the CLARITY
word again,
we’ll just create MORE NOISE,
and create more confusion and stress.

So how about list down the things that
aren’t working,
and make a “To Stop List”

So not necessarily adding more noise and fuel,
but reducing what we have.

A list can even be just ONE thing,
and then look to cut back on it.

Just a thought, but as always – it’s the IMPLEMENTATIONĀ 
that will bring the results!

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